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Photography Effects
When carrying out our photoshoot the team plan to use effects such as light exposure and slow shutter photography. Photography in photoshoots can be powerful. Messages displayed through a single image. But a single, frozen instant doesn't express motion ver...

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Kanye West x Yeezy Season 1
As both a lover and a critic of streetwear when Kanye West announced that he was going to debut a line with Adidas I was unsure with how I felt. Was this just going to be another A-list celebrity that would sit back and watch someone else design the clothin...

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The History of Kappa
Kappa originally started off as a sock company in 1916. However, with an issue with quality the brand introduced the 'K' control...

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Gender Fluidity
A forever ongoing however current problem within our society is the acceptance of the transition and fluidity between all genders.

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Our Vision
As a group of Fashion Students we decided that the relaunch of Kappa needed to be current and EXTREMELY Fashionable.

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There's always a photographer, artist or designer that stands out when visiting exhibitions such as Vogue 100. Whilst there a few days ago the photographer who stood out to me the most was Steven Meisel. Steven is an American fashion photographer who works ...

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Vogue 100
Vogue, the fashion bible. Visiting the Vogue 100 exhibition is something that fashion geeks dream of and for me, that dream became real. When walking into the exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery I was met with a giant screen with a series of the most r...

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Street Style
The Summer's drawing to a close and so is our summer wardrobe. Transitioning from Summer to Autumn clothing can be hard as you can never tell what the English weather is going to throw at us next! I hit the streets to gather some well needed inspiration. Wi...

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The best of the ASOS sale!
The big January sales have already begun! Waking up early hours of boxing day morning to grab the best bargains on the high-street are gone. Instead I've already started shopping online on everyone's favourite online store, ASOS.            RRP: £550 Sale P...

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Today I am loving:
I loveee flicking through Pinterest and Instagram when I should really be doing something productive. Here are my favourite posts from today...
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