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I posted an anthropological sort of description of my experience attending Mike Brown's funeral.

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So I got a magazine in the mail today with myself on the cover. I've known it's been coming, but it's still strange to see. Wonder what all the lawyers who get it will think of the purple-haired woman pictured there.

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Tellin' it like it is. "If you walk past something, then you are deciding it is acceptable." This is an amazing statement about the moral values underlying equality: strength does not come from degrading others.
Australia's army chief demonstrates how you address sex abuse:  "utterly credible fury."

This is such a stark contrast to the mealy-mouthed US response. It made me wish to be an Australian.

This is a short 3-minute video. Well worth watching as a model for politicians everywhere. Stand for something!

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What a great project!
Lilah and I decided to convert the dish network antenna on our house into something useful. A radio Telescope.
Radio Telescope Construction
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More pictures from my epic European journey. I'm in Munich for a few days. I visited several museums today. The design museum really inspired me:

I've also mostly finalized plans for my stay here in Europe. Tomorrow I'll visit old town Munich, then the next day Dachau, which has been restored as a museum. The day after, I'll head up to Bamberg, a UNESCO world heritage site and the quaint town my friend here in Munich was raised in. The last 2 days I'll spend in Hamburg, finally getting to see the city.

It's been an incredible trip and there's still so much more to come.

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I got some press on my talk, in English even. (Do the 2 other articles in German count?) This one's pretty good:

I think I have selected my next research project: Data brokers are working hard to aggregate and link information on every individual, the groups they belong to and the activities they engage in. I am curious about the legal spaces in which they operate, how much and what kind of information they are able to collect and collate and how this information is used.

And the Federal Trade Commission conveniently also happens to be interested in similar things. They issued an order on Dec. 18, 2012 requesting information from data brokers. It will be interesting to stitch together their responses with existing legal, social and information frameworks.

I think it's extremely sad that the big takeaway so many people are getting from the #29C3 congress is that of sexism. As posted earlier, I have no idea what people are talking about. As best I can tell, it all started with a (mistaken) accusation of sexism by a non-participant because their talk got rejected. I've seen women make such accusations to get attention and it kind of makes me sick.

So now, instead of all the cool and amazing things that happened at congress, people are only talking about how "sexist" it was. They are totally neglecting the radically increased attendee participation that establishing assemblies brought. (Where's the articles on all the awesomeness there?) They are neglecting the awesome 10-Forward which took the hallway con to an entirely new level. They are neglecting the nearly doubling in size of the event as more people were able to participate overall.

Yes, there were a few things done in bad taste. Some of them were even done by women. But initially it was entirely under the radar until people started flinging accusations, themselves creating the hostile environment which invited retaliation.

Still, it was a truly amazing con. There were really amazing talks (which I'm flattered to be amongst). So many engaged and brilliant people. Such an intense event.

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Wow, I've been hearing some very strange things on the con I just spoke at today about how horrible it is for women. I must say that I genuinely have no idea what they are talking about. I have always held CCC as the gold standard for how a con could be in terms of not only being inviting, but encouraging for me, and from what I've seen women in general. 

Not only do I feel very fortunate to be invited to speak (I spoke just before EFF Pioneer award winner Jérémie Zimmerman) but I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to attend such a fun and comfortable con. I could only wish that Americans were so cool, then again, the CCC holds to high ideals (no financial sponsorship, positive political engagement, responsible hacking) that I don't think could really work at any American con.

I don't know what all these calls about sexism are all about. I have had very real, very offensive encounters at other cons. I think these real situations need to be addressed. By raising calls of sexism and calling a hostile environment at this con, it significantly undermines credibility of these serious issues they claim to try to address. This is particularly disturbing because I have only heard these empty calls from people that I was not aware were here.
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