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Justin Ellenbecker
Android, Gaming and a lot of other really geeky stuff.
Android, Gaming and a lot of other really geeky stuff.

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If anyone is considering a Tile why not use my link so I can get some points and possibly a free Tile. If anyone has any questions about them let me know.

I love how Google gets away with never including decent what's new information for half of its apps. Android wear just updated but I can't find shit about why.

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I made a space for us on Google. Join me,

Just messing around with Spaces. Come chat about a great game with me and friends.

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Find like-minded gamers and connect with all your gaming friends. 🎮 Download the Beta on Android or iOS! 📱

Can anyone explain to me this whole clown shit? I just don't get it why is this news? Who cares that some people are dressing up as clowns? 

Can anyone explain to me why after years of complaining there is no way to disable the auto streaming in Google play music? I use maps for navigation and if course as soon as I change my car to its media player seeing it starts playing audio. Can't disable the Bluetooth auto play in my car and I really shouldn't have to use a third party app. Also it seems I can't change the default to something like Pandora. Stuck adjusts pausing Google play music.

What a day. Called the dealer that had the car I wanted before making the three hour drive to go get it. Expecting to pull into the lot and see the car waiting so I could take it for a quick test drive I was surprised to not see it but not worried yet. Got inside talked to the rep I spoke to on the phone and he asked me to wait. Twenty minutes later he comes back to tell me the service department loaned it out to someone. The manager apologized abut 8 times and I drive a few similar vehicles while they tried to get ahold of who they loaned it out to. Now I can't get my car until Monday when dealer is going to drive it the three hours to me so I can see it and make sure I want it. They took a little off for my troubles but seriously how do you let your service department just let any car off the lot. Six hours driving and 3 hours waiting to come home empty handed sucks.

+ESPN​ fantasy is a joke. Can't even connect, great way to start the season. 

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I have about 8 hours in so far of No Man's Sky and I am still a little on the fence. The endgame is something I would love to know more about but I am also glad that there is not a lot of information about it. If you have not played the game or will be getting it please be advised there may be some potential huge spoilers in this collection.

I am starting with my first three thoughts of the game.
1. Maps, we need maps in this game. You can jump through hyperspace but we don't have any cartography skills? There is a huge map that shows you the systems close by but nothing on planets. You can't set a waypoint and come back to something later.
2. I love the freedom. There was a slight feeling of being rushed off of my starter planet but it is easily ignored for a while as I flew around found more things to collect and catalog. I have found myself caught up in what would seem like a completely trivial task for hours just because it was fun and a break from pushing on to something. Granted it made me a lot of credits and every time I went to pawn my wares I saw newer ships I wanted and that was fuel to get more credits. Whenever I finally decide I am done with the system I am in I can continue on, who knows maybe that day will never come and I will settle in to the system I am on. I highly doubt this as there are plenty of new blueprints to find and things to build.
3.I want multiplayer bad. I spent two hours the first night in a party chat with a friend of mine as he watched my stream and we were engrossed in what I could find and do. It made me realize just how alone I was in No Man's Sky. There were no other players which I expected and thought it would be ok except for the fact that there is a multitude of things that one could do more efficiently with another player. Even something as simple as having a friend to haul materials back and sell them while you keep mining so you don't lose that perfect spot would help. I think it is the lack of driving story that leads me to this. I knew the game would be a sandbox but there are no contracts or missions to speak of to drive the experience. Maybe this will change one day as I approach the center but until then without someone to share these strange new worlds with the 15 quintillion planets are just a little boring to me. Without things like bases and larger freighters some of the sandbox greatness I think is lost right now. You are limited in the scope of your actions. Maybe this is intentional though since the game is a sandbox but you are still being driven to get to the center and see what it is about.

I have been streaming most of my play sessions on if you want to drop on by and say hi or follow a lonely explorer around.
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