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Executive Producer Daniel Pyne gives us the scoop on the possible future of ALCATRAZ. If you haven't watched the finale yet, beware of spoilers! -
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I sure hope it gets picked up, but I fear the worst.
I think all shows such as this genre are going to be in trouble for the foreseeable future. I DVR it every time. I never watch any regular shows live anymore, although a few I do watch on occasions, delayed by 10-15 minutes. I think the average viewer of this type of show is probably just like me. We have better things to do every night and tend to get around to watching this on DVR at a time that better suits both me and my wife and with out most of the commercials. I spend the time this airs not watching anything else, but on the computer either working or playing games. Occasionally I am out and about doing other things. My shows usually get watched at the 10pm (Central) or 11pm (CT) time periods. No need to watch local news, so my favorites shows are watched after all kids are in bed and we can finally relax. The DVR is the best and worst thing ever invented for tv. It makes my tv watching much better, but has killed wayyyyy too many shows that should never have been killed. (Sarah Connor Chronicles comes to mind). And when you have to stay with the show virtually the whole way, getting new viewers to watch is a killer.
Well she deserved to be stabbed ... She s annoying & dull Aa a character ... 
Hang on a tick...I just read this article. Am I reading this correctly? If I DVR a show it does not count towards the shows ratings? If this is the case it is no wonder why so many great shows are being put on the chopping block. This was easily one of my top new shows of this season. If the whole DVR thing proves to be correct the execs need to wake up and get with the times.
Correct, it does not go to the normal ratings. I believe they are starting to take into account those that watch it via DVR within a day or two as a special consideration in some advertising calculations, but that is about it.
That is pretty ridiculous! As a fan and someone who cannot watch three shows at once DVR'ing is the only way I can watch Alcatraz. How someone who mindfully records a show via legal means is not counted as a viewer is just...insane. I truly cannot think of another word more fitting.

I would argue in fact that advertiser numbers for DVR's is not a great calculation simply because fast-forwarding comercials is an option. How those same viewers are not counted as viewer ratings though is beyond me...I'm still in a state of shock.
Ratings were created for advertising calculations for commercials. Since we can and usually do fast forward through commercials using a DVR, that is why DVR viewers are not calculated in the ratings. Of course I would agree with you that it is insane. Because we tend to leave the room or turn channels during a live broadcast of a show during the commercials anyway.
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