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Pat Mathes
I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher.
I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

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Diva Challenge 325
This is another guest post from Jessica Davies.  Last week we SHARED THE LOVE with our hearts.  This week we are PAYING ATTENTION to an oft-overlooked pattern from Molly Hollibaugh - Peaknuckle.  I had the opportunity to see Molly drawing this tangle at Tan...

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Fun Time
I have had one issue with Zentangle art - my art can be very rigid.  I tend to follow the "rules" too much.  A straight line should look like a straight line - no wobbliness.  So, to say the least, I often become frustrated when creating my art because my h...

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Pattern Collections is celebrating its first anniversary of daily focus tangle patterns. You can check it out  here .  This site has a wonderful group of patterns gathered from people all across the world.  Many of them are representational patterns, so not...

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Diva Challenge 324
I haven't posted a Diva Challenge for a while.  I have been doing art every day, but focusing in a different way.  But this one fit in with what I am working on, so here it is. It is summer and Jessica Davies is the first guest blogger - The Diva takes the ...

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Diva Challenge 320
The Diva Challenge this week is a "UMT" (Use My Tangle) - Dansk by Margaret Bremner.  I haven't posted for the Diva Challenge a while - taking a break to refocus. But this week it struck me as one I wanted to participate in and create a tile.  Interestingly...

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It's been a while since I posted but thought I'd share this zendala with you.  I created the template, then worked on it in stages.  The blue is Iris blue Inktense.  Then I used four shades of yellow/orange for the gems.  Finishing touches with white gelly ...

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Journal work
This is a piece in my journal from a couple of months ago - not sure what I was following at the time or who's work might have influenced me at the time. I picked it up today and did the shading and color work - and a bit of the line work. This includes Ano...

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Diva Challenge 310
Diva Challenge 310 is a UMT challenge (Use My Tangle) for the first of the month.  This week the UMT is Frunky by Katharina Konigsbauer-Kolb.  This is an example of no mistakes - new opportunity.  Katharina said she was planning to use pattern Floo and misu...

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Diva Challenge 307
Molly Hollibaugh's daughters Izzy and Maddy released the latest Kitchen Table Tangles, introducing the tangle Zingo.  This week, Laura asked us to create Zingo.

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Sending greetings
Traveling Tangles Project for March is to prepare a zendala.  I signed up to swap with four people and these went out in the mail to them.  I am excited to see what the mail brings for me.  I love zendalas. Square One focus pattern this week is Por Fina.  I...
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