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So I thought that the iPhone 5C was going to be a push by apple to consolidate on the 4-inch screen form factor faster, but was wrong because it replaced the 5, and not the 4s. Which raises two questions, why keep a smaller screen? and why invest in the R&D for a new model when that's going to eat into any margin savings? The answer to the first is that it looks like in some markets the iPhone 4 isn't going anywhere, so they couldn't have pushed it out, and the answer to the 2nd might be LTE, LTE band tweaks have allowed apple to reduce the number of different sub-models of phone that they sell, and the 5c as well as the 5s have these tweaks. This move gets them 2 LTE phones in some markets that might have only had 1 otherwise and simplifies the product channel for the 5c for the next two years.


Heard someone describe a google glass as a TV that you walk around with, and then describe the whole concept as being very brainwashing. Needless to say I'm flummoxed to actually come across someone so ignorant and misguided in person.

Anyone else excited for the ev3 release this weekend?

On the the 10th anniversary of Columbia, Google's only doodle was for an Argentinian poet's 83rd birthday. Typical.

Surprised not to see any posts about iOS 6 on google+ today

Woohoo. Loving this new g+ iPad support. 

A new UCLA rat study shows that many claiming to be scientists and/or science reporters don't understand the basic rules for reasoning upon which all science is built.

They added oil, nothing, or Fructose to Rats water, and then observed changes and then want to make claims about changes in RAT behavior being based on the Fructose, and then went to go on to claim that there inferences about causality in the rats could be held as valid for humans as well.

This study pitted non-water soluble non-carbohydrate dietary supplements, vs no dietary supplements, vs water soluble carbohydrate dietary supplements (delivered in water) and wants to say that it shows jack about the specific dietary supplements. Come on! In fact because they tasted radically different supplements (and almost invariably, do to the non-water-solubility of flaxseed oil) delivered them differently you can't really draw any conclusions here. Two variables requires a minimum of 4 experimental groups, plus the control group.

That wasn't a study it was a fishing trip, and what they were fishing for was a result they could warp into a buzz worthy headline. High school science fairs have better scientific protocols then that.

If you want to study this here's what you do. First come up with a wide array of water soluble carbohydrate based dietary supplements (with different carbohydrates and mixes of different carbohydrates) then study the rats total caloric intake with these supplements available. Then across any subset of the supplements in which the rats have largely similar caloric intake you can do a behavior study, to look at the differences in rat behavior / brain activity based on which carbohydrates they are consuming.

I mean that study would be kind of like doing a study with computers, plugged into a power source. Doing nothing to the control group, submerging one group in water, and having me press the power button on the computers in the third group. Then claiming that since a very very high number of the computers I interacted with fully powered on, that I specifically have some sort of special influence over computing machinery, especially since that other group of computers went so far as to even stop showing signs of having any power flow through them at all. News at 11, Joe Ridge is the Computer God, bow before him if you ever want your electronics to work again.

Ever since google ignored Lincoln and Darwin with their Doodles this year, they've lost all their magic for me.

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