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Sophie Yorkston
Scientist, writer, editor. All the words and all the worlds!
Scientist, writer, editor. All the words and all the worlds!

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Most useful tip for not pissing off an editor: read the damn guidelines, and if a submissions page has categories, check carefully!

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Indigenous Canadian writers: Opportunities! Please share.

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Entering the tunnels is easy, but Ripley and Gabriela soon discover that reaching the surface again will be the greatest challenge they have ever faced...

The Tunnel Runner is a tale of urban adventure and social discontent that plunges the reader deep beneath the city of Brisbane.

Come and explore the world on the other side of the street.

On my lunch break reading Leife Shallcross' Adventure Socks story from the CSFG The Never Never Land anthology, a story of people in a nursing home. Randomly, the most exquisitely-paired piano tune came on: The Approaching Night, Philip Wesley.

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We Will Rock You: 2016 Australian tour review

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Thanks to my friend S.G. Larner for showing me this. Hilarious.
The first one I ran started:
"Eid Mubarak, Muslim friends
Your tea cupboard is too small"

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Now that The Passage Trilogy is finally completed (the last book has been a long wait), I have reviewed The City of Mirrors over at SQ Mag. Considering going back to the start to read it all from the beginning.

Edition 27 Book Review: The City of Mirrors (The Passage Trilogy) by Justin Cronin | SQ Mag
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