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The Metaphysics of Time Travel in Literature - An Undergraduate Reflects
In the first post of the new academic year, University of Birmingham undergraduate student Harriet Walters reports on the 5 weeks she spent as an academic researcher as part of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship scheme. I recently had the opportunity to...

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Birmingham Workshop on Probability and Time Travel
If time travel is possible, what's the probability of it
spontaneously occurring? - of time-travellers 'bootstrapping' themselves into
existence by travelling back in time and creating themselves? How does physical
probability, or chance , work in
physical ...

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Consciousness and Cognition - Special Issue
Ema Sullivan-Bissett gives us an overview of the latest edition of Consciousness and Cognition which she co-edited with Lisa Bortolotti: In May 2014, Lisa Bortolotti and I organized a workshop on the Costs and
Benefits of Imperfect Cognitions , funded by Li...

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Gender and Global Justice: New Directions - 21st and 22nd May 2015
Gender and Global Justice: New Directions is a two-day conference to be held at the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Department of
Philosophy, University of Birmingham Draft Program: 21st  May Heather Widdows (Birmingham) ‘Why beauty matters? Beauty,

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Reinier Schuur to Present at Cognitio 2015
Birmingham PhD student, Reinier (Ray) Schuur,  has been invited to present
a paper at Cognitio 2015.  This prestigious and highly competitive conference will be held in in Canada later
this year ( click here for further details about the conference ).

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Philosophy for the Curious: Why Study Philosophy?
A new resource has recently been made available to people interested
in studying Philosophy, “Philosophy for the Curious: Why Study Philosophy?” by
Curious Academic Publishing (2015). Lisa Bortolotti was among the philosophers
interviewed for this project. ...

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The Probability of Time Travel
Dr Nikk Effingham discusses some of the philosophical issues relating to his new project, 'The Probability of Time Travel'. Time travel isn’t merely of interest to Dr.
Who fans; philosophers and physicists alike worry about whether or not it’s
possible. You...

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Doctoral Researcher Lauren Traczykowski Speaks at Themes in Emergency Services 2014
One of the appealing aspects of working in the field of
Global Ethics is that it provides an opportunity for cross-discipline research.
Last week, Lauren Traczykowski, a Global Ethics PhD student, applied ethics to
natural disaster intervention at a Notting...

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Professor Heather Widdows to Speak at Two Events - 21st and 22nd November 2014
One of our own professors, Professor Heather Widdows, will be speaking at two events this weekend. The first on global health and the second on her new project 'Perfect Me!' which considers the dominant beauty ideal, its demands and implications. Her first ...

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Object and property in logic, language and metaphysics
A one-day workshop at the University of Birmingham Wednesday 5th November Location: European Research Institute, Room 149 (G3 on campus map Schedule: 11.00-12.45: Jonathan Payne (Institute of Philosophy): "Quantification and the neo-F...
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