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GDG Nazareth 2014 plan
1. Organise first Global Game Jam in Nazareth with focus on mobile games. (Checked)
2. Road show to High Schools : Hour of Code
    introducing Android mobile game development.
3. Organise a central Hackathon event for the Nazsareth area community in September.
4. Organise a serious of 3 GDG event with Women Against Violence NGO specially for business women on Internet Safety, Blogging and Internet Marketing.
5. Offer a 10 sessions Android Programming course within Nazareth Academic Institute, the only accredited university in Nazareth.
6. Plan 4 technical GDG meetups in Nazareth targeting entrepreneurs. 

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GDG Nazareth 2013 Summary
2013 was concluded with Joint Hackathon event between GDG Haifa and GDG Nazareth at the Technion institute of techonlogy. A huge successful 
event that brought together Arab and Jewish professional from Israel and Palestinian Authority.  
See and
We have also held these Activities:
1. 6 Android development training sessions in Nazareth
2. Co-organised with British Tech Hub in Israel a GoGlobal workshop in Nazareth for mobile applications startup founders and developers.
see :
3. Organised 3 sessions dedicated for women in cooperation with Woman against Violence NGO in Nazareth for Arab business women on web business development.
4. Organised 4 training sessions at High Schools near Nazareth to introduce students to programming Android.
5. Organised a public lectures serious on the topic of privacy and security for parents, educators and the general public.
6. Participated in Google DevFest 2013 with a lecture on C++11 & NDK for Android.

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HackOn 2013 event at Technion with GDG Nazareth and GDG Haifa.
HackOn 2013
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 GDG Nazareth and GDG Haifa will be hosting a shared hackathon on November 21 at Technion Institute of Technology. Attached is one of the  T-Shirt designs.
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