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This week Dandelion Chocolate officially opened its café. The new spot is a fabulous place to watch chocolate being made as well as savor the opportunity to sip and slurp artisan hot chocolate, cacao fruit smoothies, Tisano cacao husk tea and Four Barrel coffee. Dandelion is run by Todd Masonis, Cameron Ring and Alice Nystrom, a team of passionate chocolate makers who are adamant about using beans that are sourced directly from quality small farms. Masonis and Ring are the co-founders and have a background in technology. Dandelion’s chocolate bars are not too sweet, and the company garnered a Good Food Award last year. They are again in the running for another Good Food Award — hold your breath til Friday night, when the winners are announced.
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At what point does yet another new place on Valencia become a cliché? It's gotten to where I scan new food spot articles for the location and then roll my eyes when the predictability has been confirmed. Maybe somewhere on the west side of the city will be the next hot new neighborhood. I'm just ready for something new and different. 
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