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Generally, Californians reacted in one of two ways to Monday's announcement that Huell Howser had died. Many Golden State natives and longtime residents were saddened  by the void it leaves in California pop culture.

Then there was this reaction: "Who's Huell Howser?"

Well, Howser was a California television legend. For about 20 years he traveled the state with his handheld microphone to shed light on the places we might visit on day trips or family vacations. Howser bathed in the glow of the 100-plus-year-old lightbulb in Livermore, searched for the "Tree Circus" near Gilroy and reminisced with chicken farmers in Petaluma. A native of Tennessee, he bubbled over with excitement at that which we might consider mundane; Howser is remembered for exclamations like "This is AMAZING!"
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I was bummed out to hear the news. I'll miss that quirky show!
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