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What’s our problem with Anne Hathaway? Something happened around the Golden Globes when the culture turned against the actress. That first major win of the awards season settled it: her excitement at her victory and laundry list of thank you acknowledgements made us see her as an over eager teacher’s pet that was out to make the rest of us look bad. I’m saying this equally to both sexes so listen up guys that complain about her haircut making her less “bang-able” and girls that vaguely have some feeling that she’s kind of stuck-up. Why can’t we be happy for her when she was so recently in our collective good graces?
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I still love Hathaway. I was very excited to see her win. I thought her performance was stellar. I also hatred that boring dress that looked like it was purchased on the clearance rack after prom. Her hair and makeup were flakes though. Most important was her performance as Fantine. Best I've seen in awhile.
Again. Id bang the shit out of her no matter what.
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