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Get Privacy and Protection for Complete Asset Protection.
Get Privacy and Protection for Complete Asset Protection.


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True Trust is a proud supporter of the YMCA and in addition to supporting them is offering a copy of The Protection Book: A Guide to Asset Protection (valued at $90 on Amazon) to everyone who donates this month to the Y.
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TRUST SEMINAR for anyone near San Diego who would like to attend this free event, we will be meeting Friday, February 7th at 10:30AM @ Corner Bakery Cafe in Mission Valley. 

Feel free to invite people that prefer a live setting to learn about Trusts. Keep in mind, 1-on-1 meetings can be scheduled the rest of that day for anyone who cannot make the 10-30AM-Noon time frame.


Protection, Privacy, & Planning Seminar with Owner of True Trust & Author, E.J. Lashlee.
(Scroll down to learn how to read the book for FREE)


Friday, February 7th at 10:30AM to 12PM 
(Last 30 minutes will be Q & A)


Corner Bakery Cafe
1025 Camino De La Reina #3
San Diego, CA 92108

EJ Lashlee, author of THE PROTECTION BOOK and THE PRIVACY BOOK will be the Guest Speaker.   His copyrighted Private Asset Protection Trust has been used over 48,000 times in over 49 countries without loss of any assets or denial in any court. Since 1969, EJ has assisted or founded 127 companies, some successfully generating more than 1 million dollars per month in net income.

Are you Un-Protected?

If you have assets, investments, or savings. If you are concerned about finances for your parents or children. If you are thinking about retirement. If you have a small business. If you are concerned about inflation or real estate values. If you are aware that anyone can steal your identity or show up unannounced at your home....

Solutions are explained that can provide privacy, and protect your family from financial attack. You can almost completely eliminate losses from medical bills, lawsuits, real estate losses, identity theft, and mistakes of your relatives. Sometimes there are huge tax savings too.

Learn how to Privately own and Privately protect….
….your home
….your business
….your bank accounts
….your stock
….your retirement
….your vehicles
….your collectibles

You can recover your privacy and protect your family.

For ourselves, our staff, our families, and our friends.

CONFIRM REPLY by Email at or
Phone: (949) 497-3600 / (Noon to Midnight – 7 days a week)

Read the book for FREE at:
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Easier Real Estate Profits Seminar with E.J. Lashlee


More Sales
More Clients
Easier Exchanges
No 3.8% Obama tax
More Privacy
More Protection
Eliminates problems with Under Water properties
Less Taxes
More Referrals
Happier Clients :) :) :)




Acapulco Restaurant
San Diego, CA
RSVP for address & directions


$10 Registration Fee (REFUNDABLE at the door)
Limited seating
Register online here 


Make a check with memo “RE Profits” payable to TRUE TRUST and take a picture of it, or take a picture of your Credit Card (only the front side) and send to otherwise call 949-497-3600 to RSVP by phone.
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True Trust Services is pleased to present the Protection, Privacy & Planning Seminar with EJ Lashlee, Senior Adviser at, Author, Speaker.


Acapulco Restaurant in Old Town. 
2467 Juan Street, San Diego, CA
92110 [map:]


2:00PM to 4:15PM 
(Last 45 min will be for Q & A session)

Attendees who RSVP Save $90 by NOT buying a book!


EJ has been a professional Trustee serving clients since 1973. 
Investor/Advisor in many diverse businesses.
Served in the U.S. Army before the University of Nevada
Attended Michelin School for forensic engineering.
Became a Nevada Real Estate Broker, Notary, and Gaming Licensee.
Created National Leasing, the first cell phone system in Nevada in 1970. With friends, he created Colonial Properties, Wrangler Properties, Wishing Well Realty, Wishing Well 
Investors, Western Title and Escrow, and now continues as a real estate investor and developer.
Designed and patented bicycles (with full size folding wheels) to fit into a backpack. Created eleven patents on diverse items that include a) Safety Lock Box (for easy entry by adults and protection from entry by children, b) adjustable joint axis bicycle frame accommodating various sized riders, c) multi-diameter joint truss connector for bamboo roof construction. 

Other Achievements:
He acquired more State, County and City Licenses than any other Nevada businessman (over 52 licenses active at one time), to include Real Estate Broker, Notary Public, and an Nevada Gaming License. 
Orchestrated the first Savings & Loan investigation and conviction, and promoted interstate banking law enticing Citibank into Nevada to assist defrauded bank investors with recovery. 
His “ABC Business Office” software programs, “dBASE Report Tools”, “Real Rules for Real Estate” are still viable in the changing business economy.
Participated with TIMOTCA, UNICEF, The United Nations, Asian Nations Group, and the Congress of the Philippines. Created Key Kid Foundation (1995), a free surgery foundation for poor children in undeveloped nations. Created a charitable organization in 1997 to install electricity, free computers, software, and training in poor school districts in Asia. 

EJ has strong ties to his children, wife, friends, and long-term business associates. He values their relationships, quest for success, and their happiness.

Learn at the Protection, Privacy, & Planning Seminar how to:

* Protect assets from mistakes of your children, spouses, or pets
* Effectively keep in-laws (or their heirs) from owning your assets
* Protect yourself from the legal and financial ravages of Disability
* Manage and protect assets regarding disability
* Keep finances and beneficiaries private and eliminate publicity
* Eliminate probate, attorneys fees, disputes, and court costs
* Eliminate the need for a court appointed Guardianship
* Minimize Family Conflicts and disputes with friends
* Minimize Support expense and Medical expense
* Minimize Education Expense
* Completely disinherits unwanted relatives or others from your assets
* Minimizes your risk of lawsuits and other claims against your assets
* Secures your Retirement, investments, Real Estate, and stock holdings
* Makes your business Judgment Proof
* Determines Guardianship of Pets and provides for pet care
* Can save thousands of dollars on insurance
* Allows private Gifts and charitable programs
* Allows disposition of collectables
* Improves privacy and prevents identity theft
* Provides for Education Funds without restricting Student Loans or Grants
* Prevents being forced by relatives into Assisted Living, or Convalescent Homes
* Prevents a Conservator from spending your assets or Modifying your Estate Plan

"TRUE TRUST BOOK" can be purchased, but are readable as eBooks
for free online (all pages printable) at:    <<< most recent book - the best

Please call me with any questions or comments.


Ryan Lashlee

E. J. Lashlee, Senior Advisor
Direct: 949-497-3600 (10am to Midnight is best)

Staff: Gary, Ryan, Eric, Alex, Randy, Ron, Lynne, Marie, Lou, Ed, John,
Betty, Carol, Nora, Marcio, Jay, Gene, Barry, Lynn, Mike, and Gilbert
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100th Birthday Interview with Constance "Connie" Avilar - YouTube
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