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Just had about a dozen people add me on google + today and don't know where or how they found me. Have hardly been using G+ so it's not because of my great posts!

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Stop motion animation with Jelly Beans.
22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
& 288,000 jelly beans makes 1 music video.

Written by +Kina Grannis and directed by Greg Jardin, "In Your Arms" is a beautiful music video filmed using stop motion animation.

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Arrrrgh my brain... it is broken.

Got my iphone 4S but Rogers could not activate it because system was down. Told the clerk i would not leave without a phone. He reluctantly let me go and told me he'd call me back when things were good to go. No call since 11. Guess I'll have to swing by again after work.

Great! The new iOS5 bricked my iPad. Now I have to restore it and hopefully my backup will be intact.

Do I really have a network here on Google+. Is anyone actually reading this... if you are, can you just drop a quick comment and say hello? I'm thinking of using it more but I'm really wondering if it's worth it at all.
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