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There are so many misconceptions about feminism, it's actually quite terrifying.
Yes, I will not deny that there are people out there who are way too gung ho about what they may claim as "equality", though they may in fact be belittling the male populace in order to "empower" its counterpart.
But I promise, that isn't what we like to call feminism.

Consider this:
Two people are sent along a winding road, with an abundance of provisions– sure to be enough for their journey.
However, one seems to have more than the other; we'll call this person 'M' just to save time.
The second person there– person 'F'– notices this, and grows quite distressed.
Naturally, Person F asks to borrow a few of Person M's supplies– civily or otherwise, well that just depends if you get where I'm coming from– I mean it's only fair right?
However Person M hesitates, for they may either A. Worry about their own wellbeing or B. See no problem in the amount person F was given.
Perfectly understandable assumptions; after all, person F could just be asking for more supplies as a result of their own avarice.
Until Person F announces a proposition.
"What if we combine all of our resources, all of what's in your pack and mine, and split them right down the middle– equally, for the two of us."

Can you tell which one is the feminist?
Probably not.
Because I'm sure quite a few of you have associated a feminist with sharpened, perfectly done nails leaving scratch marks all over town, or a woman committing arson with nothing but a curling iron and the scorching complaints that roll off her tongue.
You may even picture some sort of ghoul, one mercilessly leeching off of any man she can get her rebellious hands on.

I really hope you don't actually believe that's what it is. Because feminists aren't ravenous creatures hell-bent on bathing in the blood of man, you know.

All feminists want is equality.

The literal definition of feminism is as follows:
"The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

Nowhere in that sentence does it say that belittling the male populace is a part of Feminism.

Nowhere in that sentence does it say that feminists are greedy, bitchy, little whiners who are asking for more than they need.

Feminism is NOT the act of dragging down an entire gender just so that you and yours may be brought to the top. (That correlates strikingly with commonplace bullying, doesn't it?)

You don't shame an entire group and hope to call yourself a feminist. You may give yourself that name, but it doesn't mean you ARE one.
Somebody could just as easily sneak in to a high class restaurant, and steal one of the chefs hats hanging on the wall, then proceed to put it on; but that doesn't make them a chef, does it?

You aren't a feminist unless you live by the terms of equality and social justice.

Last time I checked, social justice and equality do not permit anyone to start abusing the other.

If you're somebody who believes that men are pigs, and the world would be better off without them, AND you call yourself a feminist– you had better check yourself, because you're doing nothing but giving people who embody the true meaning of feminism, a bad name. You'd better check your very loose morals and start acting like a feminist; and less like a sexist pig.

If you're somebody who immediately rains hate down upon anyone who says that they're a feminist– just because you've had run-ins with people "claiming to be feminists" (see exhibit A↑), when in actuality they are anything but, doesn't give you the right to go and label the rest of the group anymore than that wannabe feminist has the right to label the male populace as garbage.

That isn't "telling it like it is"; that's *prejudice*.

Don't go on and crap all over what feminism stands for, just because one, or maybe even a handful of people, gave the name a bad rep.


Misandry is not feminism
Misandry is not feminism
Misandry is not feminism
Misandry is N O T feminism.
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Thank you
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Lydia Heyes (Owlive)

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this is why i hate disney. they make bad/awesome things like pirates seem like good innocent  babies. DISNEY I WILL ALWAYS HATE YOU!!! YOU HAVE INSULTED THE NAME OF THE GREATEST PIRATE EVER! LUFFY SENPAI
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I'll just leave these here, originals on the bottom
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which one is ew?
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Just another reason they're perfect for each other
The lightning fast change from scary intimidating to adordable as hell!
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Lydia Heyes (Owlive)

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Some quick sketches I did in my old art book not so long ago
Did it in charcoal which was cool before it smudged, oops
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Men are stupid.
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+Lydia Heyes fair enough that's understandable :) 
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Lydia Heyes (Owlive)

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And this one can go here too
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Lydia Heyes (Owlive)

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Lydia Heyes (Owlive)

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Harry Potter portraits and headcanon for September first (even though it's the second)!
The headcanon is that when Harry was looking through Sirius' things at Grimmauld Place, he found an old tie of his dad's, salvaged from the destruction of their house at Godric's Hollow. Harry kept the tie and passed it on to his oldest son once he was placed in Gryffindor house.
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Some quick sketches I did in my old art book not so long ago
Did it in charcoal which was cool before it smudged, oops
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