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Stock Market Investing Basics for Beginners - A stock market is a market for the sale and purchase of stocks in companies. Stocks, also called shares or equity, are portions of ownership in a company or other corporate entity - the implication of which is that stock holders are entitled to a share of the company’s earnings and assets.
Stocks may be sold in a physical location or traded on an e-platform; either way, what makes a stock market is not the medium through wh...

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Signs Your Husband is In Love With Someone Else (and What You Can Do About it)

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Tips to Build your Home Office on a Budget - So you’ve just started up a new business or you’re one of those lucky people whose work affords them the luxury to work flexibly - setting up a home office could be a great idea for you. However, many people underestimate the costs of setting up a home office and end up exceeding their budget.
To help you keep the costs of setting up your home office as low as possible and complete it on a budget, follow the steps outlined i...

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Writing a Resume for a Bank Job - Writing your Resume is one of the most important things you will need to do when looking for a job in any field. Your resume will more or less be a professional profile, designed to enable a potential employer to make an informed estimation of the value you can bring to their organization.
In banking, just as in any other industry, a good resume will help you stand out and hopefully get you an interview at the very least. With an ever ...

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Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs in the Mortgage Industry - Mortgages are legal transactions where one party temporarily hands over a piece of real estate to a lender (a recognized financial institution), as security for a loan. In most cases, failure to repay this loan will lead to forfeiture of the property.
Mortgages have become very popular as they enable more people to have access to finances for business or important personal objectives. This is particularly helpful as ...

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Top 7 Jobs You Can Find in the Banking Sector - Banking is one of the most lucrative sectors anywhere in the world today. It is common knowledge that top bank executives can make millions in salaries and bonuses each year, while mid level bank managers could earn as much as $ 170, 000 per year.
With such lucrative earnings it’s no wonder so many people are queuing up to get bank jobs. If you are thinking about becoming a banker then you have chosen a career that will g...

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Things to Consider When Marrying an Older Woman - A Marriage between two people who love each other is always a beautiful thing and love is certainly not bound by age. However, if the love of your life is a woman significantly older than you are there are some things you might want to consider carefully before you go ahead and say I do.The post Things to Consider When Marrying an Older Woman appeared first on .

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Becoming a US Citizen Through Marriage - The common assumption by many people is that marriage to a US citizen would automatically confer citizenship upon a foreigner, and while this is indeed a legal pathway to attaining US citizenship, the process is far from straightforward. The process of naturalization through marriage can take years to be finalized and may even fail to []The post Becoming a US Citizen Through Marriage appeared first on .

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Top 10 Jobs for Senior Citizens - Many seniors (people past retirement age) do not like being idle when their careers are over and would rather continue to work for a couple more years.
Others may have failed to save adequately or lost out on their savings due to poor investment choices and may need to find work to sustain themselves. Whichever the case may be, there are a number of job options available to senior citizens.The post Top 10 Jobs for Senior Citizens appea...

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Ten Tips for a Career Change at Forty - Changing a career after the age of 40 can be a difficult challenge, and yet it is something you owe yourself if your current career leaves you feeling dissatisfied and longing for something different. However, a career change at this stage of your life will probably require you to show immense courage, hard work, planning and dedication.
You’re no longer a care-free college kid and probably have a family that may be dependent on ...
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