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Karly McScottishlastname
Midwestern mom trying to fight the lazy, retain what's left of my brains, while making more/buying less.
Midwestern mom trying to fight the lazy, retain what's left of my brains, while making more/buying less.

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Use it up and Wear it out Candles
I used to throw away that little bit of wax left from the end of candles without thinking about it. This project was part of my goal this year of more homemade and less store bought (even though I'm working with the leftovers from my favorite local candle m...

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Homemade Deodorant for Delicate Armpits
After making my own deodorant last month and raving about it to my mom, she asked me to make her some. I had about 1/2 a container's worth left over from my batch, so I gave it to her to try out. Unfortunately, after a week of use she suddenly developed an ...

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No Knead Beer Bread
Baking bread is a science and an art. I'm not particularly scientific when it comes to my baking or cooking skills, so I've hesitated to try an honest to goodness loaf of bread. Maybe beer bread is cheating, but I gave it a try and I followed instructions. ...

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The Seasonal Chef - Butternut Squash Soup Secipe
Trying to cook with what's available or what's left of the harvest in the middle of winter is a challenge. We're eating a lot of soups and stews these days, along with other meals we've squirreled away in our deep freezer. My fairy kitchen helper searching ...

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Making this house my home, too
The first thing you see when you walk in our home is the piano room, which I cleaned up a little bit in an old post and still needs some work. To the left you see the top of the stairs has a railing that had a massive pile of junk on it.  I swear all the ru...

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Homemade deodorant
After all that cleaning on the house, my husband came home and got the biggest grin on his face. Nothing says "Love" to my husband like doing the chores he'd rather not do. He smiled and opened his arms to give me a hug... wrinkled his nose and told me I'd ...
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