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A Love Letter to Dusk
Dear dusk, I have been writing this post for over a year now. How does this go? How do I do this correctly? Let's begin again. Dear dusk, You are, without a doubt, the best part of the day. I've always loved the dawn, but only after being awake all night. W...

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A Love Letter to Blurt
Dear blurt, A quick one before we begin: I AM DETERMINED TO FINISH THIS. The 52 love letters, that is. For me. I have to finish this for me. Maybe it's not necessarily pervasive, but conversational subtlety is generally a lost art, and because of this I hav...

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A Love Letter to South Dakota
Dear South Dakota, I fear this will be brief, since so many others have raved about your majesty before me. Half-kidding. Great things about South Dakota: The Badlands Mount Rushmore (well, just coast past the thing) Peter Norbeck Highway Wild Bill Hickock/...

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there is a thing and it's called growing up
Dear  Peter Pan, I had no intention of loving you as much as I did, and I had slash HAVe no intention of turning this into a love letter because half of my criticism is complaints,  but fuck off, I've had a few bottels of wine and this shit is happening I c...

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A Love Letter to Yonder
Dear yonder, Anticipating the goings on at the hill beyond yond hill is usually better than being there. Yonder. Yonder yonder yonder yonder. Good word, yonder. In case you didn't know, I quit my job back in July and then drove around the country for a mont...

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A Love Letter to Words
Dear words, In the summer of 2012, blogger Ted McCagg created tournament brackets for words from each letter of the alphabet and let the
words duke it out on his site to determine the best word ever .
The winner was diphthong , which is a grand old word, ...

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A Love Letter to Jam
Dear jam, In no particular order, here is a list of things consisting of or relating to jam : Blackberries Town Called Malice Space Traffic Doorjamb Radios Sand Stephen Colbert It's the seemingly unrelated versatility of jam that really, really makes me lov...

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A Love Letter to The Field Museum
Dear Field Museum, I was debating if I should write an entirely new post or if it's acceptable to pull from a previous post . It would be a raging pile of horseshit if I denied something I love the words it deserves, so in the end of course I have to write ...

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A Love Letter to Zealous
Dear zealous, It's the way you make me feel, it's the way you sound. You're a word I love to use and a word I love to say, probably because you're just so fucking rad . If you're gonna do something, do it with everything. With punch. With fucking zeal. Drin...

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Turn Signal
Why can't you can't use a turn signal? ANY OF YOU? Mad scientists built a lever into your wheeled robot house, on purpose , just so you could alert other robot drivers that you are moving laterally. And just to keep it simple, this lever lives next to where...
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