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I am teaching a bunch of new Web Design courses in Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Munich. If you want to learn responsive Web Design, Web Applications, Cloud Services, SaaS, Office365, Angular, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, NMP, Bower, GitHub and much more let me know!

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Getting ready to rock the first webinar with +Dan R Morris 
You can run your business website the way you always have. But you can't expect different results.
Creative Agency Secrets will host Dan Morris and Rachel Martin of Audience Industries in New Zealand to bring their expert teaching on how to run a successful website that delivers sales and builds marketing profile. Now we want you to learn too.  We are coming to Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland with event dates from April 29th to May 10th.  Details of all the curriculum and venues.
Join us for a free webinar with Dan and Rachel and hear for yourself as they tutor us together in some of their favourite techniques.
The subject for this webinar is "What does your business need to be ready to sell, grow or get investors?". One week later, another webinar will air titled: "Traffic Traffic Traffic... how do we get the visitors we want?".

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Join me if you work in a creative agency in Australasia and need peer to peer support

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I'm presenting tomorrow - the Art and Science of generating leads for your business.  I am really excited about this because each activity is illustrated from my own marketing for Creative Agency Secrets - we are lifting the hood on insider tips, just for you.

Reserve a ticket to watch live or choose to get the recording later!
Are you a business owner or manager?
And do you need to find new clients to grow revenues?

If you're determined to find out how to get leads, you can spare 90 minutes!

From Rebecca Caroe, of Creative Agency Secrets, you will understand the art and science of generating leads results in a new business development plan.

Rebecca will lead you down the road of starting conversations that lead to paying clients.

This technique will help you build your business profile, turns out leads that shift to enquiries and into sales and over again.

Join the LIVE webinar around the world at..

USA East - February 9th @ 6pm (EST)
USA West - February 9th @ 3pm (PST)
UK - February 9th @ 11pm (BST)
NZ - February 10th @ 12pm (NZT)
Australia - February 10th @ 10am (AEST)

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My first article for NZ Marketing Online Magazine

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What a difference data makes to your perceptions. Well done +guardian +Jemima Kiss +Joanna Geary
Sometimes you change the metric, and your worldview explodes!

This is from the Times. In addition to measuring how long the home page of a website takes to load on mobile (been there, done that!), they measured how much does it cost you. How many cents of Cell Data?

The resulting graphic is fascinating. Every time you visit the home page of, it costs you 32 cents in Cell Data to load the ads and 8 cents to load the editorial content. How crazy is that?

What is masked when you just look at page load is the case of NY Post. It takes a long time to load, but 9 cents cost for ads and 17 cents cost for content as they use lots of large photos.

That is the value in changing the metric you use. It is powerful.

The grand champion is +The Guardian. Almost not cost to load data, seven cents for content. Bravo, Guardian. Bravo!

Let's focus just on ads.

Cost, of course, is not the only cost. You battery life is lower. The pages take longer, you waste time. And, so on and so forth.

All this combines to in a way disrespecting the customer. How can you ask for so much more, and give so little publisher? Remember, in every relationship, you want the other person to orgasm first if you want it to last.

Consider the above, and look at the data below in the smaller box with details of Would an ad blocker be appealing to you? It would. Right?

There are two culprits here.

1. The owner of the website first. They take a selfish perspective when it comes to user experience, they care so little about the cost (cell data, patience, page load, slower phones) they foist on us. See advice above re orgasms.

2. The advertising companies themselves. It's a freaking ad. Optimize the F*@% out of the technology and delivery of the ads to make them faster and lighter!!! Jebus. You've been in this business only for 20 years, how are your platforms so freaking inefficient! Why so many scripts, data, gifs, images and crud! 

If you want to cry about #2, just look at the LA Times picture.

Publishers need to make money. Ad Blockers are not the answer. But, there is a default tendency to blame the customer for using ad blockers. Publisher, meet mirror. Mirror, meet publisher.

Lots more data, drill-downs, and information about your fav site is here, courtesy of the NY Times:

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The information in this presentation will significantly improve your business website's performance.

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Oh my. How could I have missed +Donna Papacosta publication of the business of podcasting book?!?!
Just listening on +Mitch Joel podcast

Can I bulk order copies from you direct?
I want to give these to my clients.

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FatSculler is well known as the "pundit" predicting the outcomes of regattas.  Join him with Rowperfect on the eve of the 2015 World Rowing Championships finals as we debate the likely outcomes, the rising stars, what could go wrong and some of the rumours and gossip surrounding top world rowing nations.

Read FatSculler's predictions on his blog.
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