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Bob Sullivan
Darkness With a Chance for Whimsy.
Darkness With a Chance for Whimsy.

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Bob Sullivan commented on a post on Blogger.
Great layout and presentation! Thanks for having!

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My book just went live on the Nook. Check it out here.

Context in three days! Who's going?

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I THINK this will work. Latest newsletter on my August events can be seen here:

As an author looking to connect with other authors and publishers, I am finding I'm attracting far more networking connections (total strangers, but good connections) on Google + versus Facebook already. Anyone else finding this to be the case?

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Dear Google +; If you really want to win this new user over, I suggest an improvement over FB would be in a "Minus" direction--that is, NO social media games.

If this means you fail to attract the Farmville and Gangter Wars, and any fargin' thing else related to those stupid programs--perfect. Let the people committed to socializing and networking come over to this new form of social network. and let the rest trade their pigs and coffee and tommyguns or what-the-hell-else all they want at that other place. Bottom line, Google + Just Say NO to social media games.
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