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Texas Wrecker Service
On Our Tows Since 1964!
On Our Tows Since 1964!


Corpus woke up to pouring rain, puddles of water on the sides of roadways, and trucks stuck in mud! We've been busy with mud pulls all day long - - - your usual 18 wheelers, loaded, about to slide over onto its side kind of situations. It's an amazingly insane kind of tow day!

Every now and again, you might find your 18-wheeler gets caught stuck while your crossing Texas railroad tracks. Just call us, and one of our licensed and certified heavy duty operators to help save the day. From 18-wheelers to straight trucks, day cabs to night cabs, loaded cargo to empty cargo, stake beds to welding/service trucks. Texas Wrecker tows 'em all and recoveries 'em all!

A 2010 Chevy Equinox to swerve into water out near a Petronila county road where Texas Wrecker winched it out of its misery...ace!

Today's winds: 25-40mph. Avoid steering the wheel with one hand while holding your cell phone with the other...think safety first!

Texas Wrecker successfully pulled an 18-wheeler out from the mud this was a TUFF ONE!

Texas Wrecker is busy performing a load shift on an 18-wheeler which means the cargo shifted out of balance as it was being transported. Forklift, manpower & testosterone required...Texas Wrecker Service to the rescue!

Texas Wrecker helped CCPD clear 2 vehicles from motor vehicle accident on Northwest Blvd & River Hill. Job well done!
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