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Charles Jennings
Performance and change consultant.
Performance and change consultant.

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'Professional Development in a Networked World'. 
what got us here won't get us there....  

Latest article in Training Industry Quarterly - Summer 2015 issue @TrainingIndustr#leadership #learning

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 70:20:10 – Above All Else It’s a Change Agent. 

Latest blog post.  Some people see the 70:20:10 framework as a rulebook rather than a light pointing the way. Hopefully this post helps with that misconception.

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Short Hangout on Wed 8th Jan.
I am also running an webinar on the changing role of the L&D function on Wed 16th
Charles Jennings (UK), Filipe Carrera (Portugal) and Wayne Turmel (USA) will explain how the world of learning has to deal with a new workplace: 
• always on.
• hyper-connected.
• expected immediacy.
• innovation in the normal.
• customized work not standardized work.
• intangibles have outstripped tangibles.

See this Hangout on air at:

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What are other people saying and doing with 70:20:10? Take a look at our guest blogs. 70:20:10 Forum 

70:20:10 Forum - Tools, Resources, Community

The 70:20:10 Framework
The degree and speed of change facing organisations imposes a massive demand on workers to Learn at the Speed of Business™ if...

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Considerations around #702010 from Charles Jennings – ‘Manager engagement and capability are both critical

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Learning is all about context and being in-the-moment.

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Social learning fits into the ‘20’ in the 70:20:10 framework, but it’s more important than that. Learning and thinking are both deeply social activities that should encourage us to fully exploit workplace and collaborative learning. I've talked further about the relevance of this article within the 70:20:10 Forum community space. Become a member and join in the conversation.

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New guest blog now up in the 70:20:10 Forum from Anna Simioni, Executive Vice President, UniCredit, Head of Corporate Learning, on how they've integrated learning into work.
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