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When I am tired and I can't sleep I'm all like:

$ sudo shutdown now
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+Shiv Manas Dass REISUB will reboot the system, not exactly what he wants. REISUO would be more useful in this case ;)
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Question for Java devs

Has anyone of you ever used == comparison between strings, not accidentally, but because you really need to compare the two references?

Confession bear: I have not

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+Jon Merritt​ I wasn't referring to you with the array stuff. You only should use .equals() to compare string values as Jesus already mentioned. Sorry if I confused you.
It's always good to get the reminder that == to compare strings isn't the way to go. So I also have to thank you guys ;D
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IT'S BLUE AND BLACK. There, I said it.
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+Simone Morgante no, I understand what you SEE, but I'm just saying what it IS.
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Everyone asking for a preview of our work... Here it is, the VERY first leaked picture of OxygenOS!

#NeverSettleBeParanoid  #NeverLeak
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+Michael Reed LOL
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I'm feeling  #Narzified  right now.

+Arz Bhatia
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+Geoff Whiteley​ Those aren't the droids you're looking for... 
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Peek 5.02

Just a quick heads up, I have pushed a small fix for Peek, if you couldn't disable Peek from the red floating icon on bottom right, please install the update as soon as play store shows it up. I also included some animations and fixed minor annoyances.
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Lock screen can be switched on or already have to wait for future updates?
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Have him in circles
2,252 people
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A bug is only a bug if we squash it; until then it’s a ‘feature’.

This is so true 😁. 
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yiyi lu
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Always Paranoid

Before you get too worried, we do not plan to stop being Paranoid, but things are changing. You see, a while back cough #NotALeakAnymore cough we were approached by a specific OEM, to pair up forces to make the best product ever. Considering you should be working with what you love and everyone on the team has a passion for the green little robot, talks were had, and papers were signed. What happens next is still a bit mysterious and a lot of things are going on, but nobody shall ever forget you guys were and will be the driving force behind Paranoid Android.

To celebrate this amazing news, we’re giving away 100 OnePlus Global Invites. All you need to do is, open up the blog post linked below, fill in the required details in the giveaway form - 100 random users will be selected. These invites remain alive for 7 days, so you have plenty of time to make your decision! The giveaway runs for 2 days straight! 

Blog Post

Do not worry about Paranoid Android.

#NeverSettleBeParanoid #StayParanoid
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So... this!
Be a part of the #OxygenOS journey. Meet the OnePlus ROM team and get a glimpse of what's in store:
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+Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo​ Felicitaciones! 
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Looking for help

So, I bought this Chinese keyboard, which is working PERFECTLY fine in Window$, but refuses to work as expected on Linux. I've tried everything so far on the interwebs, with no success. Is there anyone who can help me with this, which for what I am reading, might even need to write a custom driver :/

A little bit more of information: Everything works fine on the keyboard, except for the Ctrl, Alt and Super keys, they all work as left shift key, and the keycode reported by multiple tools like xev or evtest are the exact same, which is odd. Also a funny thing, caps and num lock don't switch the leds but they work.

Should I throw 30 bucks to the bin? I really don't want to, my old keyboard is not backlit and my eyes don't agree with me using it.
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It's a brand new keyboard, I have barely 2 days with it. Also as Tyler said, if it was dirt or something it wouldn't work on Windows either, and it does.
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To all the Android developers out there, what should I do of I have multiple fragments and I have buttons that navigate between all of them. Note that if I want to keep the data that user has stored on the fragment, I'd have to use some workaround if I am creating them in demand. Is it good performance wise to store all fragments at once?

63 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Initialize fragments on the beggining
Create fragments on demand
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Peek 5.0

Hi there guys!, it's been a while since I updated Peek, well, it's time now, right in time to celebrate the 35k installs for the free version! The changelog may seem short, but believe me, there is a lot of interesting stuff, and this time I have +Arz Bhatia's seal of approval, so expect something good! As usual, I'm gonna explain some of the items as needed:

1. Lollipop support. Unfortunately, only behaves fine when lockscreen is disabled.
There is something awkward going on in LP. I'm using the very same code, which works on older Android versions, but is completly broken on LP, this makes Peek unable to unlock the device, so, Peek on 5.0 is better used with lockscreen method set to "None", which means, no lockscreen at all. I'm working on this though, I hope I can get it working soon.

2. Facelifted look and feel, for Lollipop and older versions.
3. New animations, new icons and slightly modified color palette.
I don't really need to explain this.

4. Now Peek can be used without lockscreen (needed on lollipop).
Requested by a lot of users, and a workaround for LP weirdness.

5. Fixed reliability issues when receiving phone calls.
This is thanks to the community!

I hope you guys like the changes made to the app, and keep contributing, I may not be able to fulfill all your expectations, but it's worth a try, right?

Less talking, more installing!


Peek free:
Peek pro:
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Well as I said, not a single response. How are we supposed to know if the dev even considered the suggestions. +Jesús David Gulfo Agudelo will never see any money from me. Maybe he should look at +Francisco Franco to see how it is done properly.
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Have him in circles
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