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By their fruits shall ye know them," they say. . . but they seem to be forgetting the bushels of rotten fruit.
The church has some interesting ideas about how we mortals can come to "know" things.  If we pray about something and then have good feelings, we can then know that the thing is truly true.  Never mind that the thing is often an object or institution, for w...

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An Angel's Nightmare: Managing the Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms
I recently had a near-death experience, during which I caught a glimpse of something not normally seen or written about:  The Terrestrial Kingdom.  I'd like to share what I experienced. To give you some background,  I had to undergo a surgery.  During the c...

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An Answer for Everything: How LDS prophets and apostles are completely incapable of silence on issues they don't understand, and why it has cost them their authority
As a missionary, I loved being the Lord's standard bearer, carrying The Truth with me to share  with any who was willing to listen.  I had no doubt that the message was true; true with the biggest capital "T" anyone could imagine.   How could I be so sure? ...
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