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Join us to campaign for an end to global hunger in 2013
Join us to campaign for an end to global hunger in 2013

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From the IF campaign's launch on a cold night back in January, through 500 George Osbornes marching on Westminster, 50,000 people rallying for change in London and Belfast, and on to getting our issues at the top of the G8 agenda, you've been there every step of the way. Thank you for making such a massive noise about global hunger - you can be extremely proud of what you've achieved:

So, what about the four issues IF has campaigned and lobbied on since January?

- The UK government delivered on its commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on Aid, something we’ve been campaigning for since the 1970s!
- The Nutrition for Growth event pledged an additional $4.1 billion to tackle malnutrition. This could potentially save the lives of almost 2 million children.

- For the first time ever, land grabs were put on the G8 agenda. 
- Trial partnerships with a small number of developing countries were agreed to help make buying, selling and owning land fairer.

- Just before the G8, David Cameron announced that all UK-affiliated tax havens, like the British Virgin Islands, would agree to share more information on which companies use their tax system to avoid paying elsewhere. 
- This will directly benefit poor countries, as their tax authorities will be able to see where money made locally is being stashed globally, and take action.
- At the G8, this decision to share information was expanded so that the tax arrangements of companies in G8 countries will be available for scrutiny by some tax authorities too, but poor countries are still waiting for this extension to apply to them.

All of these achievements are down to IF supporters and campaigners like you, raising your voices together to convince the UK government that positive change, however incremental, is always worthwhile. There’s still plenty to work towards, but we knew hunger wouldn’t disappear overnight. Instead, what the IF campaign has shown is that humble, dedicated, compassionate people in their thousands can influence the most powerful group in the world. Thank you.

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LATEST - IF campaign response to #G8:

1. The tax deal proposed by the G8 is a step in the right direction for tackling hunger.

2. It means that more tax authorities will be able to find out who owns so-called phantom firms (companies which operate as a front for other organisations as a way to siphon cash through tax havens) and crack down on tax dodging.

3. However, poor countries haven’t been included in this deal, so authorities in the developing world won’t be able to access this information to claim back tax owed to them – funds which could have been spent dealing with hunger and malnutrition.

4. This is disappointing, but transparency and tax avoidance have been forced onto the agenda by public opinion. As an IF supporter, your voice has been hugely powerful and you should be incredibly proud!

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Gorgeous photos of #BigIF  Belfast by +David Cleland . Thank you, David! 

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The IF campaign's 'G8 heads' have made their most dramatic appearance yet, sailing into Lough Erne on a flotilla of longships bearing the message 'End Tax Dodging'. A very visible reminder to the world leaders meeting nearby that we need them to take decisive action during their two-day summit.

Keep up with the latest developments on our IF@G8 live blog: #IFcampaign   #BigIF  
#IFcampaign flotilla at Lough Erne
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G8 leaders have the ingredients that could help end hunger for millions of people around the world. 

Ingredient 1: TAX - The G8 needs to shed light on dodgy tax deals and share information with poor countries, so that families can feed themselves in the future. 

Ingredient 2: LAND - G8 leaders must agree to tackle land grabs, so that families can't be forced off the land they need to grow food on.

IF G8 leaders can get the ingredients right, millions of people can be saved from a life of hunger. Watch this space.
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