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Kim Thirion
Loves girly stuff, World of Warcraft, and will not hesitate to write you into a book.
Loves girly stuff, World of Warcraft, and will not hesitate to write you into a book.

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Very Big News!
Looking back at the last few times I've posted... I realized two things: 1. I clearly need to get better at updating the blog. 2. It's funny what I posted about last time, compared to what I'm about to say. In case you haven't guessed it by now..... We're m...

The struggle..... the struggle..... #nanowrimo

When you've been away from G+ so long, you don't recognize it anymore. lol

That moment you realize the last time you made a post was for NaNoWriMo and your cover photo still says Merry Christmas...

Clearly this new job is killing my social media life. Eeesh. 

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Starbucks.... Because words.

#nanowrimo #nanowrimo2015 #amwriting 

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NaNoWriMo Day 9

Today was a heck of a day. I began this day needing just over 3000 words in order to be caught up. Which for a slow writer like me, felt like quite a feat. But I managed to wrangle the words just in time to be completely caught up for all of 3 minutes before the clock ticked over to 12:00. In total I wrote 3168 words today, bringing my grand total to 15,056.

I also solved a major plot hole and answered a question I'd been waffling back and forth on for a long time now.

So I'd call today, one hell of a win!

#nanowrimo #nanowrimo2015 #amwriting 

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Active voice is usually on of the first things to go when doing NaNo... at least for me anyway. 

#amwriting #nanowrimo 

NaNoWriMo​ Update: 

Day 7
8415 of 11667 words
Status: Not going so well. With everything I had to do yesterday, I managed a mere 82 words, which is 1585 less than I needed. So, now I add that to today's count puts my words needed to catch up at over 3000. 

Which means it's time to write my ass off. 

That moment when you're trying to write a word you've written hundreds of times, but suddenly you can't remember how to spell it and the more times you try, the more foreign it becomes.

Oh and btw... NaNoWriMo update: the current running word count is 7725 of 8333 to meet the daily goal.

#writerproblems #nano2015 #nanowrimo 

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Nano Update Day 5
Daily Goal: 8333
Total: 6751 of 50,000

I know it's only day 5, but I'm super excited about things right now. I have attempted this since 2011 and it always went miserably. I could never just turn off the inner editor and just write. As such, I never hit my daily word counts and eventually got so behind I quit.

But this time, I have successfully made my daily counts every day so far. And it's a trend I want to continue!

How is everyone else doing?

#nano2015 #nanowrimo #amwriting

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