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No Humor like Nursing Humor on @Pinterest
Am I alone in going on Pinterest, searching the HUMOR category, and finding... nursing study notes? This isn't just once or twice... this is all the time. What's funny about this? Boost your savings (not nursing, but really ...?) Actual humor meme The Diges...

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Hershey's #ChocolateWorld Ride Picture Question
We had our group picture taken before the ride and while we were on the ride. We were standing in front of a green screen. Notice that one of us wore a green shirt. Hilarity! That's me taking a picture of the picture that's supposedly taken while the ride i...

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#atozchallenge Zero Missed #wedding Photography Shots and My last budget tip for the A to Z of American Wedding Planning for People Who Make Under 30k a Year
Remember back during my letter S post? You can reuse these wonderful volunteers at the reception! Lead people to the photobooth. Make sure they get in a picture at some point. “Was Uncle Jim there?” “I think so.” “He’s not in any of the pictures.” “But he j...

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#atozchallenge Youngsters at the #wedding
I've already mentioned children in previous posts. Here's a quick list of tips! Child meals should cost less. Check with whoever is charging you for food. Children have allergies. Know about it beforehand. Children are the most likely to blow wedding bubble...

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#atozchallenge X at the #wedding
To invite or not to invite, that is the question. No is the answer. No, don't invite your X. Why are you scrolling down here? Ohh... you want the eXceptions. Okay, here we go: The X has switched gender preferences The X is a family member and your other hal...

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#atozchallenge #weddings V for Veil, gloves, and shoes
There are many accessories for the wedding day. I'm not going to go into jewelry here. I'm just going to touch on the three disaster-averting accessories that my vast wedding knowledge encompasses. Veil -- There are several lengths of veils. Not every bride...

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#atozchallenge U for Unexpected #wedding fees
I talked about this a bit before, especially in letter D. I'm going to touch on it a bit more so you can avoid the pitfalls. First- remember those wedding shows I talked about? Be careful about hiring anyone outside of your area. I knew a bride who got a gr...

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#atozchallenge #wedding Reception T for Turning the Room
Today’s post is all about Turning the Room, tables, and seating charts. Turning the room is when the wedding and reception are in the same place. Not just the same general location, but the SAME place! Guests come in. Chairs are in line facing the alter are...

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#atozchallenge S for Sign the #wedding Guestbook
The wedding guest book does NOT have to be a book! Find a frame with a large mat to go around an 8x10 portrait (pic to be added after the wedding). Have everyone sign that. Or make a tree to go with a nature theme, and everyone signs in on the leaves. There...
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