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王力宏 Wang Leehom
Chinese-American singer-songwriter and actor
Chinese-American singer-songwriter and actor


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和力宏的 Hangout 即將要開始了,他已經在錄音室等著你們去探班! 今天下午 17:00 (台北時間) 見! Today's "Hangout" with Leehom is starting soon, and he's already in the recording studio waiting for you all to visit! See you at 5:00pm (Taipei time) today!

- Homeboy team
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再過兩天大家就可以跟我一起 Hangout 了! 3/9 下午 17:00 (台北時間) 你就可以來探我班,我會透過Hangout視訊聚會直播功能面對面回答你們的問題. 大家一定要鎖定我的YouTube 頻道,星期六不見不散!

Just two days until you can all "Hangout" with me LIVE! Come visit me in the recording studio as I personally answer your questions. Be sure to tune in on my YouTube page at 5:00pm (Taipei time) this Saturday, 3/9!
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各位Google+ 的朋友們,3/9下午5點鐘跟我一起現場Hangout吧! 
2/25 之前在你自己的Google+訊息串中寫下你想問我的問題,加上關鍵字 #apopleehom,我就會挑選出五位幸運的歌迷們在3 /9一起Hangout,面對面回答你們的問題!

"Hangout" with me LIVE on 3/9 at 5pm! Just post your questions to your own Google+ with the hashtag #apopleehom by 2/25, and I’ll pick five lucky fans to “Hangout” with me on 3/9 and personally answer your questions!
大家想要在3/9跟 +王力宏 Wang Leehom  一起Hangouts直播嗎?
現在就請大家在2/25 之前
開頭加上 #apopleehom  
並且標註 +C-Pop on Google+ 華語流行音樂圈 通知C小編

Now, we are gathering any messages, questions and comments to +王力宏 Wang Leehom  !!
The Deadline to submit your question is February 25.

[ how to participate ]
1: Register Google+
2: Follow “ C-Pop on Google+”
3: Post your message, question or comment to your own Google+ with hashtag #apopleehom  as a public post.  
4: Tag +C-Pop on Google+ 華語流行音樂圈 

If you are selected by the lottery to participate in Google+ Hangout, you will be contacted through Google+, so please be sure to follow "C-Pop on Google+" page! 
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