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A year of trying different music services
Over the past year I've gone through and sampled a handful of paid and unpaid music streaming services. At one time I was researching these services to get an idea of what features they had and how easy it would be, as a software developer, to tie into thei...

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15 Years of using Linux, Revisiting Mandrake 7.1
The first time I permanently installed Linux was in late 2000. This was before I had any much programming experience but had already developed an interest in computers and computation. One of my buddies, Anton, had interested me in some of the things he was...

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A month in with Project Fi
Earlier this year in April I received an invite to join Project Fi, a new wireless service from Google. I had been using T-mobile for at least few years and had no problems with their service, however after reading an enticing list of features promised by F...

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Motorists vs Cyclists: rate of injuring pedestrians NYC
I recently saw this link on reddit which shows cyclists running red lights, almost colliding with pedestrians. After reading through the comments I realized that many redditors in NYC are themselves cyclists. The discussion in the comments was quite shockin...

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Tidal: Finally, lossless streaming audio
At first I saw Tidal with their pretentious launch event and group of highly overpaid artists/owners  I couldn't help but feel the commercialization. The feeling I always get from these superstars that over sell themselves as a product is that I'm being ove...

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Apple finder: where are my files?
A few months ago I decided it would be best to upgrade my Mac computers at the office with Mavericks. Since then my icons and folders have all but disappeared. I thought maybe this was just me when it first happened. I even resorted to reinstalling the enti...

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Google+ Endorsements = Profit?
I recently read a  Business Insider Article  article which explains how to opt-out of displaying my ratings and feedback I had provided to apps and services found across the Google ecosystem- I assume this mostly means search results and profile pages in th...

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Just made a nice theme for my chrome

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Google: No I don't want to "Stay signed in"
The Google recently updated their sign-in page but few may have noticed the subtle changes that are now almost forcing a user to stay signed in.  First off, every time you sign-in the check box is checked by default. Even if you sign in and out- the web pag...

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Android Permissions: what you should look for before clicking Accept
Chase Mobile I don't intend to single out these apps in this post for their use of these permissions, as it seems that most android apps ask for and receive too many permissions when the apps are installed. The Chase online banking application needs some pe...
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