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Gene Roseberry
I'm awesome. Behold!
I'm awesome. Behold!

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aligning your feelings with reality is the only way to make progress.

Edit: that's not as accurate as it could be. I'm trying to be pithy. But you could accidentally progress w/o reality, it would just be by chance and inconsistent over large sample sizes. Any ideas for a pithy version of this sentiment?

True progress requires aligning your feelings with reality.

When I look at my digital clock while using my electric toothbrush the numbers look like they were animated in the early 90's. Anyone else notice this?

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I'm not lazy. I'm just resistant to action bias.

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puddles and Mad World? Practically designed for me.

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A year in review.
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Been recording my steps for a while. Just entered my 4000th day.

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They made it look all cute and girly. Pretty sure slovenly folks have been doing this forever tho, more or less.

I reluctantly must give credit for Comcast. When I moved, they reduced my bill as would have been possible had I cancelled and resigned up at the new address, and the switch happened without a glitch. Basically nothing was horrible.

Currently cooking rice, spaghetti, and potatoes. I'm the carb master.
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