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Galleons and Galleasses
My current area of interest and rule development from a naval wargaming perspective is the Renaissance, where I've been building up some nice generic squadrons of galleys and other oared fighting ships. However, a rummage through the "lead pile" the other d...

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You, Ze American Army
Over the weekend I've been finishing off the bulk of my winter skirmish collection. The terrain was just about sorted a few days back, and yesterday I did the bulk of the winterisation and painting of my American AFVs and vehicles. Some final dry brushing a...

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In The Deep Midwinter
It was about a year ago that I started my 15mm Eastern Front skirmish plan, which began in earnest in March. After about 10 months I have finally managed to get figures, vehicles and terrain sorted and so I celebrated by staging a setup on the wargames tabl...

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Mad Max and the Thunder Boats From Hell
After thinking about this idea for a few months I decided today to crack on with my "Mad Max-esque variant on Dave Schueler's "ThunderBoats" hydroplane racing game. I've played the original for a while now and its a lovely game, but some of the locals at th...

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Something Different for X WIng
Tonight's painting drive has concluded with a bevy of new fighters for X Wing, but not what you'd call "regular" types. I had a small splurge on Shapeways just before New Year, the models arrived on Friday and painting has just completed. This time I though...

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The Red Lion
About 25 years ago Liz and I went to a model railway show where my brother was exhibiting one of his wonderful layouts with his model railway club friends. Liz liked some of the buildings he'd made, especially brick building made using thin card "bricks" fr...

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First Models of 2017
As the daylight wanes here at Cambridge HQ the first models of 2017 have been completed. To be fair these should have been the last models of 2016 but I ran out of time :) The biggest is a renovation of the Skytrex Felixstowe that I completed some years ago...

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2017 - The Plan
The new year is but a few seconds old, but here’s the plan for
2017. In true civil servant style, fully analysed and costed (and likely to go horrendously over budget and/or be
tossed out the window at some point!) Renaissance Galleys I will continue to rev...

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2016 in Review
So, as 2016 (a truly dreadful year) comes to a close we have
the traditional review of “the plan”. How did I do this time? 1) River Plate at the Naval Wargames Show Success, at least in terms of preparation. All the models were completed, two
sets of rules ...

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Eve of Lepanto
A fun evening at the Berkeley Vale club last night and a welcome chance to get a game in after a few weeeks of enforced absence. Dave N and I took to
the Mediterranean yesterday as we tried out my fast play Renaissance galley
rules. "Lanterna", a set that s...
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