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Bryan always succeeded easily in math class; however, this year marked the beginning of his pre-algebra course. Now, Bryan struggles with challenging homework problems and can't seem to connect what his teacher discussed in class to what he is practicing for homework. Bryan's parents feel challenged by the methods shown in his notes. Procedures and strategies have changed so much over the years! An experienced math tutor may be the perfect solution.

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Sarah loves elementary school. Indoors, she's getting messy with classroom crafts and projects while outdoors she's running, climbing, and sliding in the playground. Sarah remembers circle and story times at the rainbow rug with her friends and teachers. She's sad to leave her elementary school this year, but she's also excited to be moving on to junior high school in the fall. Mom and dad are also excited as well as a bit concerned. How can they encourage Sarah to continue developing a successful growth mindset?

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New Math Teacher: The one spot stop for engaging and effective math curriculum including lessons, activities, games, and additional resources in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education.

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According to a 2013 survey, about three-quarters of teachers are seeing benefits from educational technology for students. Our ConnectEDucators program will help more educators leverage tech in the classroom. Learn all about our proposal:
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