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2015 #TagYourFriends  GOOOOOO!

#rappatag   #sharedcircles  +Cliff Roth 
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Thank you
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Sharing Circles is tiring, share a song :P
Once again, +The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon NAILS IT! #Duets = See Complete List of ALL SONGS & Original Vids

Perfect for your #TunesTuesday  ! Don't? Don't you want me #FallonTonight  baby? Ohhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh!

P.S. - I smell a +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS rotation for this medley too!
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SLOTHS 4 Your Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning!

#humpday   #wildlifewednesday  
Sloth's UP G+ers? It's definitely FRIDAY!
#slothurday   #slothsrule  
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Almost like a +9 Circle via +matthew rappaport ;0
Happy 9th Birthday HuffPost! - 9 Monumental Moments In My Life Each Year Since HuffPost Began by HuffPoster +matthew rappaport 

#happybirthdayhuffpost   #happyninthhuffpost  

My adorable nephew Simon pictured with me as he was one of the 9 #awesomesauce  moments! #spoileralert  !
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Find even cooler people to circle with these epic posts from +The Huffington Post !  #googleplustips  
Google+, Music & Hangouts :

12 Reasons Google+ Is  #AWESOMESAUCE   :

Photos of some of the musicians playing from Hangouts to +H.I.R.L. s!

[One day John Travolta will also mispronounce these names at the +Oscars .. I mean "Jan Thozomas" : ]
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Photog +Thomas Hawk's KICKASS +Google+  #photographers  +Shared Circles on G+ 

Lots of fun people who post AWESOME pics of all kinds for your enjoyment! 

#sharedcircles   #photographycircles   #photographycommunity  
2,500 Kick Ass Google+ Photographers (part 4 of 5)

This is the fifth time I've shared my photographer's circle on Google+.  I'm going to share it in 5 posts.  Thus far, I've shared last name A-Da, Da-Ho, Ho-Mi.  Today's , part 4 of 5, today, represents Mi-Sh.  I'll share the last remaining circle tomorrow.  

I originally shared my photographers circle at 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 photographers.  I'll probably share it again eventually when it gets to 3,000.

A few notes about this circle.

The criteria that I look for (and don't always get right) in this circle is that the photographer produce interesting and engaging photography.  I also look for people who are active in the community, post mostly their own work, and post regularly.  I'm looking more for people who post their own work and less of the noise stuff (gifs, links, non-photography, promotions, etc.).  I also like people who are positive, friendly, nice, helpful, etc. and dislike people who are mean, snarky, jerks, disrespectful, etc.

I have a pretty well known bias against signatures and watermarks.  You will see very few photographers in my circles who use them.  I really hate the watermark debate and would rather not have it with folks.  I just don't like them -- it's my circle that I have to look at.  There are likely a few folks in here who use them who are friends of mine, but for the most part, this is a pretty watermark free circle.  It's totally cool if you love your watermark, it's just not something I really want to look at.  Please don't hate me for my aesthetic preference.  

Finally, the photography community on Google+ is probably the best one on the internet today.  There is no way that I can possibly include all of the fine photographers worth following on G+.  There are wayyyyy too many.  These are just 2,500 that I personally have noticed.  I'm sure I left out some really amazing ones -- like you if you are not in this circle :)  I'll probably also totally kick myself when I realize that I accidentally left out a really obvious good one who may even be a friend of mine -- again, maybe even like you.  :)

Stay tuned for part 5 and thanks again to all of the great photographers on G+ who make this place such a delight to hang out.

Part 1-5:
Part 2-5:
Part 3-5:

*Note, Google Circles are terribly wonky.  It wouldn't let me add some photographers in my circle into these circles because of "domain errors."  If this affected you, sorry about that.
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add all, don«t forget add me
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Have them in circles
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Hey Shared Circles Community! You've been epic and looking forward to discovering more amazing people! ! ~ +matthew rappaport 

Amazing Plussers to add to your +Shared Circles on G+ 
#THISISHOWWEDO   #circleshare  
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added all
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#RAPPA  Dance!!!! #danceparty  
The Day After April Fools ! Have you recovered from it all Plussers? - How CATS really feel about Viral Content

Did you Hassel the Hoff? +David Hasselhoff is #Hoffsome  .. Even our own +matthew rappaport gets into the act with a  #Rappa  Roll inspired by :
R2D2's secret mesage

Big Thanks to +Mary C. for making it so!
#AWESOMESAUCE   #caturdayeveryday   #rapparolled   #rickrolled  
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Circle of Life & #penguins  !
We Love Penguins! Happy World Penguin Day! - Ruggles the Baby Penguin & Convo Teacher

#worldpenguinday   #penguins  
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Jump into SPRING.. let's Warm things up around here G+ers ! 

+mention us in your +Shared Circles on G+ !
SPRING FORWARD ! - 'Springing Forward' Brings More Daylight, But It's Tougher On Your Body

#springforward   #springahead   #setclocks  

[Photo Credit: Image Source via +Getty Images] 
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love me
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#Oscars  Awesome +Shared Circles on G+ from +Google+ via +The Huffington Post 

Circle all these G+ Pages that are bringing it for the Oscars FTW!
Want the inside scoop on all the latest #Oscars buzz leading up to the big night? Check out the circle below featuring 16 of the best film, fashion and entertainment pages on Plus.
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hi everyone let's add me!
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+Google+ is amazing with so many great people out there! - Read the +The Huffington Post story by Plusser +matthew rappaport 

#sharedcircles  really can be an amazing way to make your streams come to life and to have groups of people to share content with (you like Star Wars and you find a #starwars  circle.. you can directly share with fellow fans of the franchise and use the force together, especially every tuesday for +Star Wars Tuesday !)!
What? Google+ Gets Some POSITIVE Mainstream Attention?! So glad to see this after reading numerous articles on how Google+ is a barren wasteland and…
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People, people, people are all over Google+ and this is the spot to find them via your SHARED CIRCLES
Google+ is about finding new, awesome People
to connect with.

Sharing your circles is a great way to find new, cool people and find out about what others like too.

Circle Us and if you Share one of your Circles.. we will do our best to find it and reshare!

Also if you have Brands & Pages to share via Circles, check out:

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