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Video from my shoulder surgery, not for the squeamish.

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Alright, this "Auto Awesome" feature is pretty...well...awesome.
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Anyone know how to reject the custom URL that Google preapproved for my Google+ biz page? Google selected a URL I don't want.

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I wrote about my experience this weekend and the past ten months that lead to it.

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+Bradford Hull, TeamCity doesn't use the payload and just making the GET HTTP request should be enough. Last time I tested this (2011?) on an instance of TeamCity running on AWS it worked with the Github Service Hook running on

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With 26 days left until my triathlon, I realized I can use this as an opportunity to promote a cause I'm passionate about. So starting today I'm collecting donations for +Newtown Kindness  through Crowdrise. I've been lucky enough to donate my time, and I'd like to help donate some funds as well. If you can, please give to a great cause with a mission to promote kindness as a guiding principle of humanity.

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Please follow +Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award  and +Newtown Kindness . I've taken over the management of our social media outreach for both.
Day19 Honorable Kindness Awards! In lieu of a birthday gift for Kalle Legassey (8) from Prospect, CT, she suggested to support the Algonquin Kids Care drive. She requested guests bring a donation in the form of unwrapped items. #kindness   #newtown  
"Hi my name is Kalle Legassey. For my b-day I asked kids to bring things for other children. What I got: 
-20 packs of crayons
-1 pack of pencils
-40 color books/books
-32 hats
-50 gloves
-9 pairs of socks
-3 scarves
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