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Good weekend flying Cheah, Nick ,Dave and young Callum
Tom flew to St.Omer in France returning Sunday Afternoon
We picked up new student Nick from his experience this weekend
We are flying Wednesday next with me doing Human Performance nightschool in the evening

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Lots of flying on Tuesday and Wednesday with our students ,both aircraft were flying
After that ,Wednesday evening I did a lecture on aeroplanes and the students did the aeroplanes exam ,all passed ,I am pleased to announce
This weekend Tom is taking GKUPP to St. Omer for the weekend while GCDJF works all weekend
Weather this week has even brilliant
We have been recommended by Trip Advisor for some time now and as they have sent me stickers we will be displaying this fact on our aircraft

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Only Sunday we could fly last weekend with myself flying our newest student John then student Steve and Jonathan ,Will flew with Anurag and then Matt
Mark came in to fly Monica's Husband and Oliver
While myself and Nick did some maintenance on GKUPP
Saturday sadly was windy and thundery with gale force winds sorry no flying that day
We are very busy this Wednesday before we do aeroplanes night school and exam in the evening.
Happy Flying!

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Just a reminder we are doing Air Law night school on Wednesday evening 1900 at the airfield and if time Human Performance
Regards Phil

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James Monypenny goes solo this weekend and mike, Steve Andy and kris not far behind
After letting James go solo I flew with Lisa who even did climbing descending turns on her first flight
Mark flew with Ona then William and Aurag.
Will came in Sunday flying with Steven and Mary and Sohel while I flew with Students Andy and Mike
Mark flew with brothers Arthur and Adam finishing off with student Graeme in the evening

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Another good flying day with me and Finn a young lad he was good then I took Lucy from the Pilots Hub for a flight finishing at 6 with student Andy
I was hoping to let him go first solo but it was not the conditions with bumpy circuits.
Picture young Finn

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Busy weekend again with James,Sam,Mike and finally Steve flying Saturday and Saturday afternoon Sam went flying with Andrew in the Sports cruiser
On Sunday Mike ,Gavin and then Igor and Wayne flew ,Sunday it was fantastic !
During the week our students Andy Steve and Mike flew .
Saturday James ready for solo put it off until he is ready.
I have 4 almost solo students now .
During the week we took the wings off GJF to fix a niggling small fuel leak and for paint and inspection
That flew late Sunday too
Saturday afternoon Nick and Tom flew GKUPP to the Isle of Wight for late lunch it was a bit later as they had a nose wheel flat tyre as they set off so we had to change the tyre and tube bang went me tea break
With my daughter her husband and grand children who came up to see me.
But it's been a good week and weekend
Picture Igor my Russian air experience Pilot

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Another busy day with Steven,Thomas , John Luke and Andy flying I didn't get chance for tea today
Leaving late at 730 pm
Both GCDJF and GKUPP were flying I had my choice today
Next flying day Tuesday and Wednesday
Picture of young Thomas tall isn't he

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Saroop, Ricky ,Rene Ian Kris and Ray all flew the super Flight Design CT today
A lot of aircraft headed for Redhill Aerodromes flyin
Cloudbase and the Pilots Hub were busy all day.
I flew the two cts
Tomorrow will be another busy day with lots more air experiences and students

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Brilliant Thursday and weekend with good weather
Mike and Steven and Ksled flew Thursday all students
Saturday James was ready for solo but hadn't got his medical ,Kris our student flew with Will as did Dave and his partner on air experience
I took James down to Headcorn Airfield and then flew Alex
Sunday I flew with student Mike nearly solo too , down to Headcorn and then flew air experiences Russell and Jim who was given his flight voucher on Father's Day
Jim had the bumpy flight in the hot part of the day but flew really well another pilot in the making.
The Pilots hub Brasserie was busy with a vintage car and alt of vintage aircraft flew in to enjoy the food and excitement.
Picture Jim on his flight.
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