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Let me know if there is anything else you guys need from me...

Hey All,

Let me know if there is anything you need today as I may find it a struggle to get down there. Suggest I review the floor plan (eg design elements) and then feed back to you? Sound ok? My guest is unable to attend unfortunately.


Hey guys Iam reviewing the floor plan in terms of the layout as i think we can tighten it up a little. Ill be in after 1 tomorrow and i have a guest coming in at 3.15. Wes Beaumont who is a Construction Manager for Kier construction in Manchester so you guys may have some questions for him. See you then. R

All - let us know if you require anything further and if you need to drop me an email, feel free to do so.

Hey Guys

Travel distances (2 or more) at 18m - which we have considered in the design of the space...

and Toilet WC provisions as per below


Hey Guys - I cant seem to send the .dwg to you so if you drop me an email at I can forward the dwg and bring the Revit Model with me in the am.  
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