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R2D2 visits Make Hack Void and strips naked. He is way cool but would like smoother 3 leg to 2 leg and 2 leg to 3 leg transitions. Another R2D2 demonstrates the 2-3-2 transitions and here we learn how it can be done with two legs on a single axle . Our visitor has independent legs.

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A colleague is turning vegetation to soil in months by monitoring temperatures with an ESP8266. Similar technology to my effort in the lounge He uses the data to optimise watering, turning, etc. and plans to add humidity and oxygen monitoring.

This shows my low tech approach. After five years of piling stuff up I've dug out the compost heap to make room for more. Slow, but minimal effort and still effective.

It is hard to believe that dirt pile was previously plant matter.

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Using an esp8266 to track temperatures.

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But can I muster the necessary courage and perseverance?

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Jarrod's first go on a uniwheel. Are these things cool or what?

Their rapid development and adoption in China is proof that China has moved beyond copying technology developed elsewhere.

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Wanderers fast intermediate group. Travelling slowly uphill without any obstructions or third party intervention and a crash emerges from nowhere.

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I've often argued about the limits of battery technology, but not so eloquently as this article.

It follows that if you have a transport application where a little extra energy makes a lot of difference then batteries can be enough, otherwise they are too big and heavy. Electric assist cycling is such an application.

200W is more than most cyclists can produce. For 3 hours this costs 4.1kg in additional weight with the SDI INR18650-29E configured as 10S 6P from . Add some human power and it is a winning combination.

Battery powered cycling works because humans are feeble. Power lost to wind resistance increases with the cube of the speed so at motorcycling speeds, kilowatts are needed. Already, the weight/range trade off makes battery powered motorcycling fairly impractical.

For cars it's worse, but electric cycling is the sweet spot.

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