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Kylie Bevan, Relocation Health Coach, Health & Wellness Revolution
Be healthy and happy wherever you are
Be healthy and happy wherever you are

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I'm JUST a ......
And infinitely proud of it.
You too?

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'It all started here, in Queenstown’ my husband chimes in.

Which rather took my breath away.

It had indeed.

Just over five years ago, in late summer, I lay curled in the foetal position on the bathroom floor of a Queenstown hotel, in between bouts of vomiting from the sudden pain. Absolutely unwilling to miss my 40th birthday present, trekking the Milford Track with hubbie, my parents looking after our children, I somehow struggled onto the transfer boat and along the 4-day hike. Each time the pain took over, every ten minutes or so, I’d assume the foetal position, initially on the dry track, later in the mud, trying to focus on the rain on my face, rather than the wave of agony rising, and thankfully also falling, in my groin.

I write about my journey to good health on the blog this week, click to read on.

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These 10 ways to reduce harmful chemicals in your household are not expensive, ineffective or difficult, they simply require a shift in perspective.

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It's been a long time between blog posts. Started with this.
What do you think?

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'+1' this .... if you would take months away from work and home to travel, given the opportunity.

Or .... if you think I'm doing an awesome thing.

Or .... if you think I'm crazy, naive or brave going offline with a predominately online business.

And click here ..... if you'd like to know more.

In wonderful health & happiness
Kylie Bevan
Relocation Health Coach

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If you're cooking a cake or building a shed, you need tools.

Likewise if you're moving. Here's my favourites! And they are all free.

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When one door closes, another invariably opens - ours into the dramatically scenic and rugged north-east corner of Australia.

While there is sure to be delays with my replies, and new posts and pictures dependent on sporadic internet access, I hope you find them insightful and interesting.

A little more about how, when and why here:

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Had the pleasure of interviewing Australian Jacob Aldridge this week on expatriation (to the UK) and repatriation (back to Australia).

Lots of great insights within, including:

'Relocating, as a form of travel on steroids, will teach you so much more about yourself. It’s an experience that will impact you emotionally, physically and financially – but almost always for the better in the long run.'

Check it out here:

After a warming flow of emails, messages, texts and calls in response to my post about us more-than-likely leaving Vanuatu soon, I've written about what we're possibly doing next:
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