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Living in the city will eat out your heart.
Living in the city will eat out your heart.
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After being one of the first to use G+ back in its start up days, more or less, maybe two years ago, I quit G+ and went back to blogging. I told a few in my real life circles that I would use G+ only as a tool for fast sharing content relevant to individuals rather than blasting thousands to millions of others who don't know me and likely never will.

Recently, I came back to G+. To my surprise I have well over 14,000 followers. Stranger still, before I quit G+, I had deleted all of my public shares and emptied my circles.

Now that I am back I notice that almost no one uses G+. This Forbes article features someone who knows why. There 2.2 billion Google accounts and only 3.5 million with 50 or more public shares in the last 30 days.

[see: ]

About a year before quitting G+, I had quit Facebook. Afterward, I had quit Twitter.

Social media seems to be a misnomer.  Social media ought to be called self-aggrandizement media. That is how almost all use social media. And that is the exact kind of behavior that doesn't rock me.

I'm thankful that 14,000 plus circled me. If only each would strike up one-on-one chats with me.


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Praying for a pardon from God, trying hard to believe in God or doing any other sacrifice in fear of God hoping that God will forgive you and protect you is false religion. It's the stuff of savages slaughtering animals to their idols. Do you believe an all-everything God needs to be appeased? 

Church rituals and prayers can't put away your sins. No amount of religiosity can save you.

Those who tell you that you will gain pardon because you believe or do something have misled you. By following them, to gain pardon then, you must have confidence in yourself to achieve. You must cling to yourself, glorifying yourself should you believe you have succeeded. 

Doing rituals and prayers in hopes of gain is little more than trying to strike bargains with God and yourself. Do you believe God charges you a price for your safety both for here-and-now and forever? 

Isn't it true right now that you believe that if you do rituals, prayers and other sacrifices, you will have kept your part of the bargain? And so, isn't this what drives you to church and to do all of your rituals and prayers? Isn't this what comforts you? Isn't this what makes you believe your brand of religion is right?

Living that way, you submit yourself to fear and selfish hope. Do you love another by being selfish, ever? Do you love by fearing whom you love? Living that way, you become a practical atheist.

Do you believe Jesus left you the task of finishing redeeming yourselves?

Jesus put away your sins already. Jesus did all the work, already. You have a free, no-strings pardon of all your sins.

Loving heals the ill-will of your heart. And your heart will become a loving heart through no power of your own when you come to see that through Jesus, God already put away put away your sins, all of them, having done so because God loves you. 

Gaining a loving heart is your salvation. There is no other way to gain salvation. 

You don't need to fear God. You don't need to tremble. You don't need to appease God with sacrifices of any kind. You don't ever need to pray in public, go to church, murder others named as infidels, or follow 616 meshuggana rules.

Think about it. Only a petty god would demand such sacrifices. Only a weak god would demand such evil. Only lying men would tell you that you must do those sacrifices.

Thing about it more. Not only does God want no sacrifices but because God is so loving, God made a sacrifice to each of you, the highest sacrifice, the life of his loving son, the life of Jesus.

You need no special quality for having been pardoned for your sins. You don't need to behave in ways that other men tell you that you must. You get it free, the same as all, without exception, however good or bad you might see yourself, however good or bad others say you are.

Jesus never starved himself. Instead, Jesus ate good food and drank good wine. Jesus never washed anyone's feet for photo op publicity. 

Fear not that because you have been pardoned from all your done sins that you will keep sinning. For if you gain an all-loving heart, what drives you to sin shall die away from you. And your all-loving heart comes from seeing God loving you because your sins have been pardoned away in God's sacrifice of Jesus for you.

No one shall be condemned for sinning. Only those who have harden their hearts by rejecting God's love as given in his sacrifice of Jesus shall be guilty. Having turned away from God, by rejecting God's sacrifice, thus unloving God, those with hardened hearts call God a liar. For this, they are guilty.

Let these words dwell in you. For when you do, you will know how to love God with all of your heart. Your distrust of God will be no more. You will come to see what it means to be loving.

This truth is for every woman and every man. 

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So, I have seen others share Bieber, Taylor Swift, Downey, Jr. as Iron Man and even Psy and Gangham Style as "throwbacks." 

Shouldn't something be at least 20 years old to be thought of as a throwback?

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And then it hit me. This September will be the 60th anniversary of Bill Haley and the Comets release of Shake Rattle & Roll, one of the first long playing recordings of rock and roll. That L.P. contained the song Rock Around the Clock.   

Lately, I've been going through recordings to find all the good songs guitarists should learn, songs like The Surfaris' Wipe Out, The Who's My Generation,  The Beatles' Dig a Pony, Alice Cooper's Under my Wheels, Van Halen's Beautiful Girls and so on. Going through the songs, you come to see how the first 30 years were everything in rock and roll. Everything thereafter has been but an echo of the past.

The Bowie song below from the Rise and Fall  of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars much sums up what rock and roll is all about for me — a few chords, fast-tempo, guitars with overdrive or distortion and songs lasting under four minutes.


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Google execs seem to be chasing the field. It seems they could change Google+ into Instagram.

Overtime, Google execs took the worst features of Facebook (e.g., communities, pages) rather than leading with a new and better way to find Internet content (e.g., putting real-time Google search results into streams / circles) and share it.

"Can I trust Google with my family photos? They change stuff all the time. That thought gets said to me by others all the time.

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RIP Google Plus?
RIP Google Plus?

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It's now 16-15.

Follow if you are a fan.

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