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juggalo 4 lyfe

I really love BBC, fiu is the greatest

Scotty I have  a 1990 Chevy Ilumina Euro 3.0  , 50,000 original miles the car is beautiful no rust all original, however I just spent 2500 dollars redoing all in the engine for my son, the car keeps stalliing when in reverse or at a stop sign straight driving she runs like a cat, everything has been replaced fuel pump, filters , gas filters, sears said they cannot fix the car, it runs perfect when on a straight highway without stopping could it be fuel injectors or tune up, my name is Larry

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Hannity: "I don't know why I like you, but I do."

Ventura: "Because I tell you the truth, that's why."

Hannity: Left a smile on his face, as he continues his headlines

Find it at 7:26-7:30, the last 4 seconds of the interview.

How can we do our part to make this world more open to ID?
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