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In case you haven't seen this, Reaper minis is having a kickstarter for their new plastic minis. Best deal is the Vampire reward level at $100 and currently 221 minis with more to come as stretch goals are reached. Only 30 hours to go!

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Today my players die in a swamp. 

Watching some roller derby. Why isn't this America's pastime? Get on it America. 

Tribes: Ascend is fun, and it looks like Tribes, but it doesn't feel like Tribes. It feels like someone made a mod for Halo. Also, not having the ability to customize your loadout is unfun. You can't even get light or heavy armor without unlocking(which will take awhile) or paying for it. Yeah, it's great to feel like I have to grind just so I can play with my chosen playstyle.

Also, I haven't seen any maps where it is possible for an enemy to be out of sensor range, so posting up outside of enemy radar with a sniper is out.

I do want to stress that the game is just isn't Tribes.

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The song of the week is The Copper War by the Cog is Dead. Dig the westpunk.

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Also, there's an extra bonus of wasting the time of the companies who keep sending you all that junk mail. Remember, to be polite though. The mail room clerk who opens these is just someone trying to make a living like everyone else.

I love how "lite" beer and worrying about other people's opinions are suddenly manly. Thanks for the info Miller Lite.

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So this is a thing. Also, Elizabeth Warren kicks ass.
This explains Occupy Wall Street better than I can.

So people always talk about youtube comments as being the dregs of the internet, but CNN comments are a special brand of shit.

Just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's a very good game that falls short of excellence due to poorly executed and jarring boss fights, a boring and anti-climactic last act, and lazy endings that can't seem to figure out where they're trying to go.

It is worth playing, but keep in mind that even good games can have problems.
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