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GARULA Look Book ☆fav coords May☆

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"Random" things
Hey little devils ! I'm still alive, or I think so... The truth is that I'm too lazy to update the blog, so this post is a collection of entries that I should have done ... 1. Random day, I went out to dinner with Yukina .  Outfit, hair and stuff: 2. Anothe...

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Gyaru flea market and Sant Jordi (Saint George's Day)
Hello little devils! I was unable to update the blog because I was busy with the college work. Anyway, some days ago, Gyaru!Project organized a flea market to sell and buy gyaru style clothes (mainly second-hand) So I went to sell some stuff. And now, some ...

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Saturday meetup!
Saturday, I met with Aki, Riku, Shiro, Miyu, and Nora. After distributed all items between buyers (girls took advantage of the trip to meet with people who had bought the things) we went to take something in the " 100 MONTADITOS " and talked of many things ...

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Fringe hair piece
Hello little devils!  Some weeks ago, I received a fake fringe that I bought on EBAY .  I've always liked the straight fringe on gyaru hairstyles. Even I've cut my fringe like that... but then, when it grows, it's a nuisance.  So I decided to leave my fring...

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My freaky side #2 Harry Potter, time-turner!
I was very young when I read for the first time Harry Potter . Since then I've loved the world of Hogwarts, the magic and mystical creatures. For that reason I didn't hesitate to buy the pendant " Time-Turner " that Harry and Hermione used it in the third b...

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Bienvenidas una vez más al blog! Si
hasta ahora hemos hablado de los pasos previos a la “conversión” gyaru, hoy vamos ha hablar, o voy a escribir, sobre los elemento que
forman parte del estilo. Son aquello puntos clave que nos ayudan por
un lado a identifi...

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Goodbye Laia❤
Hello little devils! Last friday my lovely  Laia  took a plane to japan. Isn't the first time that she left for a few months but I feel sad anyway. ( p′︵‵。) So last sunday Poza, Aielet and I met with her to say goodbye with a sweet snack. It was a shame day...

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Garula 福袋 2014!
Hello little devils! Finally, today I received the Garula Lucky bag (I made the pre-order in december) I'm satisfied with, almost, all things that it contains: And this is my review: Pros: -Variety of products ( always includes tops, bottoms, accessories......

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GARULA new gets & furry D.I.A Belt
Hello Little Devils! Meanwhile the lucky bag of Garula arrives, I received a new package. It contained second hand clothes, but I'm in love of everything!: Everything is in really good condition. I specially like the sweater with hood and printed by white/b...
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