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Running Mac OS X El Capitan and macOS Sierra on QEMU/KVM

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Prostate cancer awareness:
Join the Movement of No Shave November.
Thanks for the informative post +Max Wettstein 

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One of the most anticipated films of the year.
Can't wait for it!

#Film   #Movies   #Cinema   #Entertainment #BestOf2015  

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Took one more personality test. Still INTP.
The Memorado one is short, accurate and more user friendly than similar tests.

#intp #personality #test #personalitytype  

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Life advice for youngsters. Pretty great read for everyone:)

#life #behavior #lessons #advice  
Just a wonderful read.   "Advice to a 22 year old", but really phenomenal for any age.

Convert Folders 2 Tags?
Best way to convert my Firefox bookmark folders into tags?
Would love to move to a tag based system.

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Current Main Workspace Setup KDE 4.13.3 +The Chakra Project 

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Tomahawk 0.8 daily snapshot from git on Chakra Linux.
Everything looks pretty stable the past few hours.
Cant find the way to connect into my google music account though :)
Desktop Linux Tests Whatever
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Toxmail experiment lets you send encrypted mail via the Tox network!
Simplified End-to-end encryption for your mom:)

-Based on existing protocols (SMTP/IMAP/POP3)
-Direct network link between mail servers and without intermediate servers between your mailbox and your contact's mailbox.

Check out the Darknet for E-mails.

#privacy #humanrights #encryption #communication #mail   #tornetwork   #tox   #toxnetwork  
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