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The way he explains this is almost exactly how I feel. 

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Next item up for grabs: DVD shelf! As I note in the ad it's also perfect for manga or other small books. Please share!

Anyone want a free 40-something inch plasma TV?

It has a slight issue where as it warms up it picks up some greenish-noise in some of the colors, but it's not unwatchable. If you're handy, I suspect the issue could be fixed by replacing the capacitors on the power supply. I've used it plenty with no complaint. If you were at Aleris's place for the last couple months he was in Baltimore it's the same TV we had there. It also can make for a decent extra monitor for large-screen applications.

If I don't hear anything it'll go to whatever charity will take it.

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Appeal type: Rejected portal edit
Portal name: “Morgan’s Neck” /

Yes, the HTML character entities are actually in the title of this portal.  My original edit tried to replace these with the correct characters referenced by those entities--left and right curling double-quotes. 

However, in retrospect there isn't much reason to have the quotes at all, and a better edit might be to remove them entirely.  Nonetheless the portal title should be fixed.

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This is a thing we did.
As a member of the United Chicagoland Resistance, I want to express gratitude and deepest thanks to the team at Washington D.C. Persepolis Enlightened. As some of you may know, the UCR flag was lost during the recent anomaly. The flag was hand made with much love for Ingress and its communities by +Adina Weinig, and has been proudly flown in more XM anomaly events than agents I know have attended. The UCR community and I are touched and humbled by the generosity of the Washington D.C. Persepolis Enlightened, who raised funds and have made a huge donation to replace the UCR flag. Below is a copy of the letter accompanied with the donation:

Resistance Agents of Chicago,

Upon hearing that the Chicago Resistance lost their flag during the GORUCK challenge at Washington DC on May 30th, the D.C. Enlightened Persepolis attendees collected donations to help replace it. The Enlightened want to demonstrate that behind the scanner we are all humans and can empathize with one another. We recognize and admire the physical and mental challenges both factions faced by participating in the GORUCK. Items like the UCR flag represent more than a geographic area. They are the collective embodiment of experiences that cannot be repeated. We hope the Chicago area Resistance accept our donation in the amount of $190 for materials and the time required to make a new flag in the spirit of sportsmanship.

The Washington D.C. Persepolis Enlightened

(I'd like to personally thank +Andrew Krug and +Vikki Evans  who helped immensely in making this possible. I would also like to thank the global Ingress community as a whole, the GORUCK community, and the amazing team at +GORUCK HQ for their kind wishes and overwhelming support in response to the announcement of the flag's missing.)

+Ingress +NIA Ops +John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Linda Besh +Ethan Lepouttre +Susanna Moyer

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Also ditto to the comment that I would chip in for them to get a new one if the original isn't found.
Missing: UCR Flag
The United Chicagoland Resistance Flag was dropped during rucksack exchanging exercises as part of the GORUCK mission near the Tidal Basin in Washington DC yesterday. If you have seen this flag, please message me. I would very much like to return this flag to Chicago. The flag was hand-made by a dedicated Ingress player and has probably seen more anomalies than any agent I can think of. Thank you for your help!

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Team C12: we controlled the majority of our zone in all four measurements, including a tough battle in cluster 2 against some of the most skilled Resistance from Baltimore. It was an honor to work with Typhoon Jim through the day and week before, and I really appreciated his high praise. 
Team c12.

It was an honor to direct such worthy troops. 

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The #Persepolis Anomaly events kick off this Saturday, May 30 in Bratislava, SK and Washington, DC. +Susanna Moyer travels to DC to interview Agents and report on the +GORUCK SpecOps Light Challenge for Volatile Portal intel. And join Mission Day on Sun, May 31 in Bratislava to capture unique Portals while exploring the city.

The Enlightened and Resistance fight for the future of XM researcher and Glyph expert +Stein Lightman by transporting the 41 ‪#‎LightmanShards‬ to Target Portals in Keelung City, Taiwan or Santa Monica, CA. Lightman Shard SITREPs from Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, France and Romania are featured. ENL have captured Shards 32, 33, 36, and 41; RES none. For the full list of upcoming events, visit

Last week, Operation Essex founder +Edgar Allan Wright appeared on +Behind The Scanner to answer questions about the +Niantic Project. Later today, +H. Richard Loeb (AKA P.A. Chapeau) joins BTS live on air to discuss his work with ADA and the Truthseeker program.

#IngressReport   #IngressBulletin  
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