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Do you use Google Analytics? What would you do if you lose all your analytics data?

If you are storing PII (personally identifiable information) it may actually can happen to your any organization or any other for that matter. The fact is that most people are storing PII in their Google Analytics account without even knowing it.

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Why do you love Analytics?

Challenging problems, potential, complexity, broad reach, constant change, value and even a way to become Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes at the same time.  What's not to love?.  :-) 

[ By the way, If you are a recruiter or if you are looking to hire an analyst, this is the type of passion and curiosity your are looking for, more than learnable skills and tools expertise)  ~@jimsterne

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It cannot be more evident. If you are a visual kind of person of course...
The difference between Data and...

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Talking Mobile Retail - Have you ever wondered which is the incremental value (or lack of thereof) of Mobile customers?
Here is a quick analysis you can do to find out:

One update to G+ that I would like to see is the ability to change the order your circles appear on the "Stream" column.

Not all of them at visible at the same time, so being able to select which ones to show, and perhaps change the order with a quick "drag-and-drop" is certainly on my wish list.

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Listening at #WAA Webcast - Outlook 2011 Survey results. #measure

The industry is still growing, as well as budgets (despite slow down).

Integration, social media and mobile tracking are some of the upcoming trends.

More people is using more than one tool. Which can be good or bad, depending on the maturity of your organization and how do you you use the tools.

Still, on 35.9% of the organizations surveyed only 1 person is in charge of Online Analytic, even for large organizations.
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