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A question for my Android loving friends: "Is there a carrier anywhere in the world that carries both the iPhone and Android phones where the iPhone is not the top-selling phone?"

Let's restrict this question to countries with fully developed economies — e.g., in India, there is rather spotty 3G service and the iPhone comparably expensive, so I would be surprised if iPhone is a top-seller in those countries.
It means that Android was/is winning in market share because Apple was/is allowing it to. Android was previously the top smartphone OS for both Verizon and Sprint. But that was only because the iPhone...
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Yes, SGS2 has been top-selling lately here in Norway. Edit: as of last month, iPhone was still top selling with the other big national carrier, but SGS2 was "closing in".

Of course, if you want Apple, you don't get a lot of choice, so naturally, each model is high up on the lists. (Similarly, Nissan Leaf was ranked as number nine of new car sales (in February), but electric cars are still pretty marginal).
I found the article I think this refers to:

TL;DR: Android's market share numbers are just made up, because the biggest US carriers report selling more iPhones last quarter.

Edit: the carriers total about 9M Apple units in the US last quarter. This is about 10% of worldwide sales, and looks suspiciously low contrasted to the claim that the big carriers sell 80% of all smartphones - there are allegedly 100M smartphones in the US.
NetCom has iPhone back up on top again, but it's apparently a close race. HTC's One X is number four, it'll be interesting to see if SGS3 takes the top spot when it becomes available.

Also, the three Samsung models in the top ten list represent quite a bit of variety: the "standard" smartphone SGS2, the tabletoid Note, and the rugged Xcover. I guess some users do care about choice, after all?

Edit: and I also see 9M SGS3s have been preordered. I'd be surprised if it doesn't top the lists when it arrives.
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