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Yikes...research research research
This idea cleared a committee and they all decided it sounded awesome
The idea was pretty cool on paper if you ignore laws of physics and chemistry. Marketer No.1: “Oh, and you know what would be really cool? If the swimming pool had this cool mist coming off of it,...
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Lmao. "I wonder why no one thought of this before!" 
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Why in the world would Netflix put a movie rated 1.5 stars in my top picks list?
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+LAURIE WADE oooh that feels good
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Funny commercial...Live long and prosper #LeonardNimoy
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I'll never understand how I have to force the boys to wake up on a school day, but on the weekend they get up on their own an hour before that!
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In my youth, Saturday morning belonged to us kids, and was all about Cartoons.  All three major TV networks vied for our eyeballs from 6 AM until Noon every Saturday.
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That's one hell of a theory! If you, like me, haven't heard about this, go and be awed!
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Those are so awesome! Just have to get smaller bananas.
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Alright, then! (Sorry iPhone users...this won't work for you)
+YouTube now supports 360° video! Watch this in Chrome or on your Android phone.

Prepare to have your mind blown.
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Star Trek TNG / Popeye mash-up. 

"Make it so Number One A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!" 
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Happy Birthday, +Darren Kitchen!
Happy Birthday Darren Kitchen
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People ask me why I don't like country music...this is the reason........
from the mind of m. night shyamalan
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I recruited this guy..... ChiefHungwell
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