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Edward Antrobus
If You Can Read, You Can Cook
If You Can Read, You Can Cook

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For a chuckle: From an Android phone, go into Google Now and activate voice search by saying "OK Google." Then say the phrase: "Beam me up Scotty"

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Can anyone give a yay or nay on the Plantronics Voyager Legend? Biggest concern is battery length against my 12 hour day and my tendency to listen to podcasts.

Have you ever gotten too attached to a character and when that character no longer fits in the story you have trouble giving them up? 

Hi. I started writing my novel in 9th grade with a buddy. It's a sci-fi thriller with a dash of romance about a human explorers getting caught up in a sectarian civil war raging on Titan.
We quit after 6 months and I took over and restarted the project a couple times over the past 20 years, never getting more than about half way through. Finally, I made a new year's resolution this year to write more, including finishing the story. So far I have about one and a quarter chapters done. More information if anyone is interested is on my page +Once Upon a Saturn Moon 

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I'm a little stuck on a paragraph in +Once Upon a Saturn Moon. Specifically, I need to describe to my human readers an alien transportation technology but while inside the mind of the alien using it while not having knowledge of Earth technology to compare it to. Specifically, it's a track-less train. Any advice?

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What is your favorite summer snack?

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I've finally gotten on the quinoa bandwagon. Definately going to try this recipe.
Try this quinoa-crusted #Mexican #chicken for a fiesta in your mouth! The result is tender, succulent #chicken strips with a crisp crust that crunches as you munch on the #quinoa kernels. 
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