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Derek Joseph Strazzanti
Calm Spirits and Happy Souls.
Calm Spirits and Happy Souls.

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My body is not there yet,
so get out of that mind set.

A physical presence is necessary,
in order to discover it.

Make the decision now,
and only now.

Don't think of the future,
because your body is not there yet.

I ignore these teachings of our great leaders,
and drift off into my own mindset,
thinking I am of one of them.

Don't you dare,
don't you dare think in that line of thinking.

Be humble you young clueless fool.
Be humble,
Be humble,
Be humble,

And let your body make the decision,
once you are there. 

Learning from others,
and following a religion,
Feeling inclusion,
and being able to understand.

Don't escape my capture now,
sweet precious ideas,
I will follow you,
follow you,
to the dear bitter end. 

The decision I made,
was the decision I made,
and not with the influence with time.
I made the decision,
because I needed to make a decision,
and time had no say. 

I can't seem to pour my soul into this lifeless machine. 

Everything is creaking,
I am constantly being heard.
I just want to hide in the midst of silence where I can't be seen. 

What am I doing here?
Why am I still here?
I should have left.
I should have been gone before you were here.
I should have gone when things were still dry.
Instead I stayed.
And now I am wet.
My shoe are soaked.
And my socks stink.
I have no one else to blame.
My poor dear self.
How could I have reached this state.
I was cheering for change, but just fell back into my same old routine.
Shouldn't have, Couldn't have, Wouldn't have.
Dissecting my past
What lead to what
for me to be facing you

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