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Congratulations!!! B24 e Solutions celebrates 7 successful years of journey making Mobile & Web technology easier for its customers.

B24 Congratulates all of you on reaching this 7th milestone. Today is a great day for all of us as B24 has completed 7 years of successful journey. We are immensely pleased with the progress all of us as B24 has completed. It reflects your all dedication & commitment towards achieving the B24 E Solutions dream. We are sure the foundation you all have laid in these years will see more success in all the coming years.

Thanks to all.

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Gmail Now Supports Email Addresses With Non-Latin Characters !!!

Ever since you’ve been able to get an email address you have been required to sign up using non-accented latin characters. That won’t always have to be the case though.

Today, Google is leading the charge with an announcement that Gmail will now recognize addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters.

Now Gmail users can send emails to, and receive emails from, people who have these characters in their email addresses.

for more detail about the Gmail new features have a look here:

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Market for mobile applications is heading ahead at a fast pace and it's a speedily moving market and the game based applications have an extremely high demand.

B24 e Solutions provide interactive and graphically rich multimedia games with multilevel features. Also on offer are the bespoke applications with GPS and other features that can be easily integrated with iPhone operating system platform.

Our brilliant and proficient team is expert in iPhone web and game designing and designers also plays an important role to create rich graphics according to the game requisites.

get a benifit of our games development services feel free to contact us on and call us +91-141-6550328.

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LinkedIn Launches New App To Encourage Users To Stay Connected !!!

LinkedIn recently launched a new app for iOS called Connected, which is designed to encourage users to more frequently reach out to others within their network.

The app resembles LinkedIn’s website, in that it has a feed highlighting news mentions, job changes, work anniversaries, and birthdays. You can also receive push notifications if you sync your contacts and calendar with the app.

With this new app, LinkedIn is putting its social networking features front and center in order to make it a destination for users to check in to see regular updates from their network.

get a look:

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Google Spam-Free? A Case Study on Spam in SERPs !!!

Google launched a new algorithm whose main purpose was to clean some very spammy sites and queries the overall impact was still moderate. Tactics such as Parasite Hosting, Google Bombing or Cloaking & Redirects were still standing strong.

After completing of 3 month launching Pay Day loans 2.0 Google announces a new update Pay Day loans 3.0 it was necessary or not and what will happen after launching Pay Day loans 3.0 Google update, We hope this time the update’s severity will be stronger than the spammer’s ingenuity.

for more info. get a look here:

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#Google Bringing App Indexing To All Android Apps !!!

Google announce it was expanding its app indexing program to all #Android apps and developers. App indexing allows for deep linking of app content from mobile web search results.

If the user has the app in question installed, say OpenTable, and does, for example, a restaurant search, she can be linked from search results directly to the profile page within the OpenTable app.

this is useful for everyone. It makes in-app content discoverable through search and thus helps developers. It helps users by enabling them to quickly get to relevant content in their apps. It also helps Google make search more expansive and useful to the mobile user experience.

for more information get a look here:

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+B24 e Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  is working on entertainment application for the past couple of years. Our brilliant and exceedingly practiced team provides you the distinctive and highly entertaining iPhone animation applications, Whatever your need.

We have the solutions to all your requirements. We developed numerous applications for iPhone which has altered the mobile into a passage of colossal spectrum of entertainment that can be stuffed into your pocket.

If you are looking for any multimedia application solutions then B24 e is just the right place to be. Our solutions can give you the edge that you require

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+B24 e Solutions Pvt. Ltd. introduced to user that Google updated their algorithm with the well-known Panda update 4.0.

According to Google Panda algorithm updates are designed to improve the rankings of sites with high-quality content, and to reduce the ranking of sites with thin or low-quality content. Sites traditionally targeted by Panda updates have been content farms, scraped sites, and the familiar list of sites employing overoptimized content or spammy techniques. Interestingly enough the Panda updates have also increased the traffic of some sites.

This happened again with 4.0, Panda feature is now part of the monthly algorithm update, it is still being updated apart from the monthly cycle. 

what's the impact of panda 4.0 here are some point of observation:

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+B24 e Solutions Pvt. Ltd. like to introduce you about Pinterest will be bringing a new feature called Guided Search to its mobile apps, designed to help users find things “they didn’t even know they were looking for.

If you’re looking for something but are not quite sure what it is, Guided Search is there to help. Just start typing what it is you’re thinking of and Pinterest will return categories and keywords that not only start with the same letters, but are also related to the keywords you may be looking for.
Pinterest is putting the search bar front and center to help users find things even faster.

For more information about guided search of pinterest get a look here:

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+B24 e Solutions Pvt. Ltd. introduce that Google Tuesday agreed to buy satellite startup Skybox Imaging Inc. for $500 million in cash, the latest in a number of moves by the world's largest Internet search provider to collect and provide data from the sky.

Skybox has designed small, relatively cheap satellites that can collect daily photos and video of the Earth. Founded in 2009.
for more information get a look:
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